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Amazing Race 21 – Finale – You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Holy crap! It was the Goats!!! The team that would never die, didn’t die. They become the second team to win the Amazing Race where their only victory came on the final leg of the Race (All-Stars’ Eric/Danielle would be the other). Their victory was proof that winning the Amazing Race has a lot to do with athletic ability, but it also has several other factors which are important. Luck. Worldliness. Intelligence. Grace under fire. A strong interpersonal bond. The Goats had all of these things. Sure, they had bad luck with airports – but they had the good luck in that the Hairs’ passport and Apprentice’s rivalry with the Twins bailed them out. They had skills and knowledge to help along the way – French, the ability to build things, knowing what the UN is, etc. They also had ice water in their veins – trash talking the Twins to throw them off of their game…brilliant.

Were the Goats the dominant team? No. This was not a Dave/Rachel, or Nick/Starr kind of win. They lingered and then managed to have their best three legs at the end of the Race. At the end of this column, I’ll rank the winners as I see them and see where the Goats fit in.

They were fun to root for, as were Magic Mike. I never thought I’d wind up rooting for the gay goat farmers and the male strippers this season, but there you go. I would have been just fine with them winning as well – and I wish Y’s dad all the best in his battle with cancer. James finally got some airtime in the first half of the leg as we learned about his mom’s struggles with poverty. She now has a brand new car to help her drive, instead of walk to work now.

Texas became annoying as the season progressed, but you have to give them mad props. As Lexi said, they didn’t even know what customs was before the Race. They were THAT unworldly. And yet, despite that serious disadvantage, Texas was in the lead when teams hit the UN for the flag challenge. I wish they hadn’t descended deep into high school clique territory with the strange alliance with the Twins and Magic Mike, but there you go.

As for the Twins, I’m still torn on them. They were full of personality. They were funny at times. They were solid Racers whose inexplicable decision to not learn to drive stick cost them a shot at the million. But they were so incredibly annoying at times. Their obsession with beating Apprentice netted them one slot higher in the final pecking order. I don’t get why they would appear to be angry that “the gays” were beating them. It’s just an odd choice of words – unsure if it was meant as a slur. I felt it was more of an “I can’t believe the nerds are beating us” kind of comment. This would play into the high school clique nature of the Final Four dynamic that we witnessed.

I believe that all of these four teams consist of very likable people. You take them out of the Race and I am sure they would be loads of fun to hang out with – even Trey, who I am sure can actually speak in complete sentences should you run into him at the gym, or the college bar, or wherever Trey-like men hang out. While I got annoyed by some of the Twins’ antics, I think they’d be pretty cool overall and think it’ll be a lot of fun to put the Twins and Apprentice together on the next all-star season.

Oh – great idea, Bertram and Elise! Eleven teams. Amazing Race: Rivalry Edition! Twins and Apprentice. Vanessa/Ralph and Brenchel. Carol/Brandy and Brent/Caite. Dustin/Kandice and Charla/Mirna and Colin/Christie. BJ/Tyler and Joseph/Monica. Book it.

Now for the challenges and Route Markers