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Team Gotti is 1:1, Season 2, Episode 8

Team Gotti is now 1:1

Sunday Dinner is time for a family to bond. Victoria says that she always makes room Sunday dinner, and that is what this episode starts off with. The whole family, including Robert (did he move in?) are sitting in the kitchen eating one of Victoria’s famous Italian dishes. It looks really good. Although the dinner conversation was somewhat unusual, Carmine mentions something about bowels which I wouldn’t like to repeat.

John has decided that he wants a paintball gun, and the next day comes home with a really nice paintball gun. Frankie brings his out and they look pretty much identical. They decide to move the back yard to test it. I’ve never understood the fascination with paintballs, I myself would rather prefer a real gun, but that’s just me. They try to shoot Luigi and he says: “I’ll spank you boy!” which I think is unlikely since all the boys are bigger than him. Luigi tells them that when he was younger their uncle Peter and he used to have paintballs. Ahh, the good old days.

After destroying the backyard, Luigi decides he wants to try it. Oh boy! We go to the kitchen where Victoria is making an old family sauce known as the Gotti gravy. She wants to market it but first she has to see if it’s good, so she is making a big pot of it. At this point I was getting hungry. Now, Robert and Victoria are testing sauces they bought from the super market to compare it to hers. They were tasting them out of the jar cold it was disgusting, to me.

Uncle Pete arrives and goes to back yard to find it ruined with red spots and Luigi still testing the paintball gun. Luigi reminds him of when they used to play with them and Peter laughs. Uncle Peter decides it would be a good idea if the kids and his friends had a paintball war out in the woods. Sounds like fun! Again, it would be a lot more thrilling if they were using real guns.

Back to Victoria in the kitchen, she calls the owner of a famous Italian restaurant called Nino’s. Coincidentally, the name of the restaurant owner is Nino. She asks him if she could bring her sauce to his restaurant to have customers test it. He agrees but asks her what if the customers like her sauce better than his. That was cute.

It is the day of the Paintball war, or capture the flag. The militia which includes Uncle Pete, his crew, Luigi, Carmine, Frankie, John, and a few other people I believe. They decide to separate team into Pete’s group and the kids. The kids will have orange bands around their sleeves and Pete’s group will have green bands.

The kids start of with a smart scheme of tying a green band (the other teams color) around Carmines sleeve to trick the other team into thinking its one of them. Pretty clever I have to say.

Pete’s plan is to basically leave the fort unguarded and have everyone surround it and wait for the enemy. We see Carmine approach and they almost fired but Pete reminds them that its one of theirs since he has a green band. All of a sudden Carmine gets on the ground and begins shooting at them. Pete’s team is confused at first but figure out pretty soon that it was the other team. “It’s that sneaky bastard Carmine!” Peter remarks.

Victoria and Robert take their sauce down to Nino’s restaurant. Gook looking fellow Nino shows them where to put the sauce. The kitchen staff is really busy and Victoria says she doesn’t know how they do it. She begins serving the sauce a little later and it looks delicious! Robert comes out to ask one couple who is having it what they think of it, while Victoria nervously waits in the kitchen. The couple remarks that it is really good and they would buy it if was available in stores. My mouth was watering at this point. Victoria decides she will market the sauce.

Back to the war. The kids are surprisingly attacked by Luigi and taken out. I was a little disappointed at them, but that’s okay.

After Victoria’s victory with the sauce and the kids defeat, team Gotti is one and one.

Disclaimer: I am in no way related to any Agnello, Mrs.Agnello is just writing name, although I hope one day it will be my real last name.


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