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The Amazing Race, Dec. 9 – “You Just Can’t Quit”

In the cab on the way to the UN, Lexi thinks it makes sense for them to go there, as they'll probably have to do something with their path through the Race. That's exactly what I was thinking.

The Beekmans get their next clue and ask for a free pizza pie and are told to come back. They know this clue is taking them to the UN. Brent can't believe Josh made the mistake, and he asks if they can please stop bringing it up. James2 get their third correct delivery, followed by the clue to the UN. They get a passerby on the street to them them the symbol stands for the UN.

Trey and Lexi land at the UN and find the next clue. In this Roadblock, one member of each team will have to identify how they heard hello and goodbye in the nine different countries they went to, and pair that up with the flags, then raise the UN flag which will lower their final clue. Lexi decides to do this one. Trey mentions they took great notes, but didn't write down what the greeters said to them. Lexi knows it will be very time-consuming.

The Beekmans recognize it being winner take all at this point. Josh has been living in New York for years and admired the UN building. He's impressed to be able to walk through the gates. Josh offers to do this Roadblock, as Brent points out Lexi only has one flag completely done, so it's their chance to catch up. She mentions how overwhelming it is. Josh is doing this by process of elimination. Lexi gets two right, as does Josh. Brent thinks Josh is more visual than he is and believes he is the right person to do this challenge.

James2 arrive at the UN, and Jaymes mentions he just thought they were being cordial. It won't be him doing this challenge, as James takes it on. He gets one right very quickly. Lexi admits the words are all running together for her. Josh is panicking when it comes to the countries he doesn't know. In fact, all three teams take turns getting their guesses wrong.

Lexi thought they had it in the bag, and her heart drops. She then gets hit on the head with one of her wrong flags. She starts to flip out a little. Everyone knows France and Spain, but it's the others they're struggling with. Josh is transforming this from a language problem to a mathematical challenge, going through one by one. He gets his third flag, as does James. Josh gets them fairly quickly after this and only has three left. Lexi is working on her fourth and begins to break down.

This challenge is going on 2-1/2 hours. James only has two flags left. Lexi has four left, and Josh has one left, Bangladesh. James gets another flag as Josh struggles with Bangladesh. The proximity to the million dollars is giving him the motivation. He finally gets the last flag and raises the United Nations flag as he says “I love the world.

They race to the finish line at Gotham Hall. Lexi is struggling and crying, saying it's disappointing. Trey tells her it's okay. Josh and Brent ask around for Gotham Hall, looking for anyone with an iPhone. Obviously it was filmed before the whole Maps app snafu. James finishes his flags in the process and raises the UN flag to get the final clue. Lexi is still working on it as the Beekmans get the address to Gotham Hall.

Both the Beekmans and James2 are racing for Gotham Hall. The team running in to take first place are the Beekmans! Phil Keoghan tells them they are team number one and have run The Amazing Race. I do not believe this Race they have had. Nearly in last place every single leg, and they go on to win it!

Brent says they never thought they'd Phil say those words to them. Josh mentions that they were underdogs, and he hopes that this proves to people whether they're a minority, out of work, or losing their house, to just keep going and keep working as hard as they can. They can now be physically together again.

James2 run in to take second place and celebrate with the Beekmans. James says it was amazing and still fantastic to be able to share it with everyone. He's happy to get the wheels for his mom. They didn't win the million, but had an incredible experience. Jaymes hopes the world will have a different view of Chippendales now, for better or worse.

Trey and Lexi run in to take third place, and Phil tells them they should be proud. Lexi notes it's been an amazing journey. To spend the time with Trey and have a solid month with him was very special. He admits their relationship became much stronger. She thinks they're ready for the “next step” and thinks it depends on when Trey is ready.

The Monster Truckers' Rob explains that Josh and Brent opened his eyes to see that it's not for him to judge anybody on their lifestyle or what they do. Brent hopes that winning this proves to all the underdogs out there that no matter how bad things are, you just can't quit. Nice guys do finish first.

This is definitely one of the most satisfying The Amazing Race wins I have seen, and I have seen them all, save for the first two. These guys couldn't have been any more deserving. Actually, I would have been okay with any of the final three winning, but the Beekman Boys were my preferred choice. Karma caught up with the Sisters in the second to last leg. “Nice guys do finish first.”

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