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The Amazing Race, Dec. 9 – “You Just Can’t Quit”

The other two teams celebrate when they see the Beekmans show up. Lexi isn't too worried about them having home advantage, and Trey knows they've mostly just been battling against the Chippendales and expects that to continue. The Chippendales, by the way, abandon their bags, knowing someone will be happy to receive their Chippendale outfits. They know there is no more sharing of information. Trey agrees there are no friends on this leg of the Race. Josh knows this has to be their first and only win on the Race.

All four times fly back to New York City. Once they land, they all take off for the taxis. They're all headed straight to Coney Island. It's James' first time in New York, and he's excited to be there. Lexi is excited as well, saying she and Trey have fire in their bellies. The Beekmans saw their apartment building while they were flying in, and Josh wonders if there was a million dollars waiting out in front.

James2 are the first team to arrive at Coney Island, followed by Trey and Lexie. They all run around and look for the cluebox. Trey and Lexi walk right past the sign with the clues plastered to the front of it. There is no cluebox, per se. James2 scan the whole place looking. The Beekmans arrive as Trey and Lexi run past the sign with the clues once again, and again. James2 are still looking as well. The Beekmans pass it by as well.

Trey and Lexi discuss heading to the beach to look, as the Beekmans recognize the scene from the postcard. Trey and Lexi finally find it and copy down the clues, not wanting the Beekmans to see where they're looking. Too late. James2 are still searching, knowing they're missing something. They stand right n front of the sign, not seeing it.

Trey is worried about the Beekmans, but Lexi tells him they don't need to worry about them, as the Chippendales are their only competition. James2 are looking right at the sign with the clues, still missing it. They finally find it and take off. They hope to catch up to the others, knowing they're about fifteen minutes behind.

Going over the clues while in the taxi, Lexi says she doesn't know what the Amazing Houdini is, and Trey informs her he was a magician. She wonders if they'll be expected to do magic tricks. The Beekmans are discussing the same thing, but relating more to the escape artist part, as Brent figures they'll be handcuffed and dunked in a big tank of water.

The first team to the cluebox are Trey and Lexi as they find a Roadblock. One person from each team will need to wear a strait jacket and be suspended upside down fifteen stories above the ground. If they figure out how to escape, they'll have a bungee freefall and will get the next clue back on the ground. Lexi thinks Trey should do it, yet he doesn't like heights at all.

The Beekmans are the next team to arrive at the Roadblock, as Brent volunteers to do it. He's not scared of the height, but is worried how to get out of the strait jacket. James2 arrive, and Jaymes decides to do it. Trey has to quit looking down as he's being hoisted up. Trey knows from seeing Houdini do it that he needs to get his arms over his head and stay calm. He gets it off and does the freefall, yelling, “Oh crap!” At the end he says he's still very scared. Yet, it helped him get over a fear. He and Lexi get a clue to head to the first pizzeria in New York.

Josh encourages Brent who is just laughing as he goes up. Trey and Lexi borrow their cab driver's phone to look up what the first pizzeria was and get their answer. Brent gets the sense of how difficult it is to get out of the strait jacket as he tries tugging his way out. He then gets his arms above his head, noting he was right to the edge of stating to panic. He eventually gets it off and does the freefall.

Jaymes is now hanging and knows he needs to get out as soon s possible. He does it fairly quickly and makes his freefall, celebrating on the way down. The Beekmans are taking off to find the oldest pizzeria and find it was indeed Lombardi's. James2 is asking around about the oldest pizzeria and get the answer quickly.

Trey and Lexi arrive at the pizzeria and open the clue telling them to deliver ten pizzas on foot after memorizing three orders. They take off to make the first delivery as the Beekmans are arriving at the pizzeria. They start memorizing addresses and orders as Josh says he knows where they're located. Brent memorizes the orders, while Josh memorizes the addresses. Josh notes they've had a a lot of pizzas delivered to them, but never delivered any themselves.

James2 get a taxi to the pizzeria as Trey and Lexi are making their first delivery. The Beekmans are doing the same. Trey and Lexi make their next delivery as the Beekmans get the right address, but the wrong pizzas, not knowing they're wrong. James2 are stuck in traffic. Trey and Lexi delivery their last pizzas and do so correctly. The Beekmans deliver the wrong pizzas to the third address as well.

Trey and Lexi are given their next clue as James2 are arriving. The clue is the emblem from the United Nations. The teams will receive their next clue once they arrive. Trey finds out it's the UN, and he and Lexi take off. The Beekmans are told they made a mistake at the second and third addresses, and they need to redo them. Brent calls out Josh for not doing ti right, as memorizing the orders was his job. He can't believe he screwed up, then is making Brent carry all the pizzas on top of it.

James2 feel like they're catching up at this point, even though they didn't make any mistakes. The Beekmans deliver the correct reorder as James2 are delivering their first order. The Beekmans deliver the correct pizzas, as Brent is telling them inside the apartment to have a party. James2 make their second delivery, and it's correct.