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The Amazing Race, Dec. 9 – “You Just Can’t Quit”

This next clue tells the the teams to find Leonardo Da Vinci's final resting place, Chateau D'Amboise, to find their next clue. The Sisters find a Speed Bump waiting for them first, as Josh yells out, “Bye,” as they run off. Brent says if the girls can dish it, they need to take it. In the Speed Bump, the Sisters will need to find a room, then help a woman lace up her corset from the top and the bottom to get their next clue.

As the Sisters run off, they yell to the rest of the Dream Team who are taking off to not let the Beekmans follow them and ride on their coattails. They also yell out that they think Josh was faking his ankle injury. The sisters reach the correct building, and run up the stairs to start dressing the woman in her corset. They mention that the others should have waited for them and believe the Beekmans wouldn't have gone anywhere if they had, believing they would have just stayed around and waited to follow the others.

Instead, all three teams now end up working together. Brent mentions how interesting it was how quickly the a down, with the Chippendales and Trey and Lexi willing to work with them. James2 are willing to allow the Beekmans in now that they know Josh speaks French. He gets directions to Chateau D'Amboise.

In this interesting turn of events, the Dream Team minus the Sisters are following the Beekmans. It worries Lexi, because the Beekmans aren't known for being good with directions. The Sisters finish the corset, and the woman checks it out in a mirror, then approves the work as she gets lifted up. The Sisters take off to go back to the stone dog to get the next clue.

The Beekmans end up at a gas station to ask for further directions, as the Sisters are hoping “the gays” have a flat tire or something. Josh gets more directions and finds they were going the right way to begin with. The Beekmans find the Cheateau, and Jaymes mentions they need to now go find Leonardo DiCaprio, then realizes his mistake and corrects himself. Kind of funny when auto-correct gets to our speech as well, isn't it?

It's Trey and Lexi who find the church first, calling it a beautiful chapel. James2 and the Beekmans are right behind them. They find a Detour – Chow or Plow. In Chow, teams will sort and weight various cuts of meat to serve it to a hungry pack of hunting dogs in a feeding area. In Plow, teams will use a traditional plow to till four lengths of a field. Once it passes a farmer's inspection, they'll get the next clue.

Jaymes thinks they will do well on Plow and that Trey and Lexi will want to do the same one. Brent reminds them only two can do it at a time. Josh knows the farming chore seems like the obvious choice for them, but they don't want to get in a position of having the other two teams there and using the two slots to progress while they wait. Once Trey and Lexi decide to do Chow, the Beekmans decide to do it with them. Lexi knows they're nice by nature, but she also feels her competitive side brewing. Brent mentions they're being extra careful going along with the other team, as their allegiance could still be with the twins.

The Sisters arrive at the Chateau after the other teams have left. They made dog food before with their grandfather, so they decide to do Chow. Trey and Lexi are changing their minds and deciding to do Plow, as they think it will allow them to forge ahead of the other teams. Indeed, they're the first ones to arrive. Lexi was raised with horses on a ranch, so she's comfortable. They're going all over the place and not keeping to a straight line.

James2 arrive, and the Beekmans run into them as they're all trying to find the right entrance. The Sisters are driving up to the Plow Detour and happy to see Trey and Lexi, and the feeling is mutual, as Lexi notes they made up some serious ground after their Speed Bump. James2 arrive just after the Sisters and realize they have just lost any time advantage they had.

Brent is worried they're going to lose to the girls, and Josh tells him not to worry about it. They mention how excited the dogs seem to be getting fed. The Sisters see the Beekmans on their tails and know they have to get going. They end up doing it side by side. They give Josh a hard time for being able to run so well on his ankle and call him a liar. They discuss leaving them behind at the Speed Bump, and the Sisters announce that “the evil gays are going down.”

Back at Plow, Trey and Lexi are still working on it, as James2 begin plowing as well. The dogs are barking at the other challenge, waiting for their meal. The Beekmans found a strategy fairly quickly, getting the stuff that doesn't have to be deboned done first. Josh tells the Sisters they have the worst poker face in the world regarding their alliance and keeps yammering on. He's trying to confuse them as they're trying to work. It's successful, as the Sisters decide they need to stop talking and concentrate.

James2 are realizing this is hard work to keep the plow straight. The Beekmans finish cutting up the meat first and are given the instructions on how to lay out the meat in a long line for the dogs. They move on to measuring out the dog food that needs to be laid out around the meat. The Sisters are still cutting.

Trey and Lexi get passed on their plowing and get the net clue They need to make their way to Le Cave Des Roches. They're glad they changed and decided to do a and do Plow instead of Chow. James2 pass the challenge as well as Jaymes kisses a horse in celebration.

The Beekmans are putting out the dog food, as the Sisters are still chopping. Lexi would love to keep the Dream Team intact, and she's hoping the Sisters are getting through this quickly. Josh and Brent finish measuring the dog food and start pouring it out, looking like they're at home on the farm. They complete the task and get the next clue as the hoard of dogs is released. The sisters pronounce, “The gays bloody beat us.”