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The Amazing Race, Dec. 9 – “You Just Can’t Quit”

The timeframe between the final four teams on The Amazing Race seems pretty tight, meaning it can literally be anyone's race to win tonight on the finale. With a two-hour episode, there will be at least one flight, if not two, meaning everyone stands the chance of being completely caught up with each other.

The smart choice for winners would be either Trey and Lexi or Chippendale dancers Jaymes and James, but depending on the final challenges, I wouldn't be shocked seeing The Beekman Boys Brent and Josh or Sisters Natalie and Nadiya taking it, even though the twins will need to get through a Speed Bump on the way.

The first team to leave Mallorca, Spain, are Trey and Lexi at 9:32 AM. Their clue tells them to make their way to Barcelona, then make their way to Loire Valley in France to get their next clue sitting on a Ford Escape. Trey mentions their alliance with sisters Natalie and Nadiya, yet says they're racing for a million dollars, so will do whatever it takes to get to the final three.

Jaymes and James leave at 9:46 AM. They admit they struggled throughout the Race, but they have been hungry all along. They had a reason to win this Race. Jaymes' father has cancer, and he needs to save the day for him. James' mom has spent her life taking care of special needs kids, and he thinks ti's time for someone to take care of her.

The Beekmans leave at 10:27. Josh thinks if they make it to the final three, it will blow their minds just as much as everyone else's, as they've been hanging on by the edge of their teeth since the beginning.

The Sisters are the last to leave at 11:14 AM. They think it's amazing to be in the final four with their two favorite teams since the beginning, that being the Chippendales and James2. They think they can rely on them to help them through this leg of the Race to get through their Speed Bump. They think the Beekmans have hung around for a reason, but they're about to take a spot out.

All four teams fly to Barcelona, then hop on a train to France. The Sisters think they want this more than the Beekmans, and they have a “secret pow wow” with the other two teams, creating a “Dream Team” designed to knock the goat farmers out of the Race on this final elimination. The team grows silent once they realize the Beekmans are sitting behind them and listening.

Josh mentions they have reached a mental decision point once they realized there really was an official alliance against them. These people that they thought were so nice were actually working against them. It reminds the two of them of being in high school again. They believe it's hard for some people to keep their perspective of needing to run the Race for themselves, and either they can be demoralized by that, or let it motivate them.

The four teams reach France and take off to look for the Escapes. The clue tells them to pick up eight empty crates from a cafe, use the hands-free liftgate on the Escape to kick it open to load the crates, then kick it again to close it. Apparently we're selling Escapes tonight. They'll drive to Chateau de Villandry to look for a stone dog and their next clue.

James2 are working to figure out what it means to kick the liftgate open on the Escape. It seems you just have to kick anywhere on the bumper to get it to work. It's a pretty cool feature, although I think I would get more use out of the cars with the parallel-parking aid that they featured last season. Brent has decided he wants one of these if they win the million dollars.

While the Dream Team work together to find directions, the Beekmans just sit tight and wait to follow the leader. Of course we know the Monster Truckers would have chosen to go their own way, even if it meant getting eliminated. Trey and Lexi end up leading the pack. Like Brent, James is in the new-car mode, but instead of buying one, he is hoping to win one if they come in first, as he wants to give it to his mom, as she's needed one for awhile and walks to work. He thinks she should have that convenience at her age.

The Sisters mention the Beekmans sneaking up from behind, while Brent is finding this new attention on them kind of flattering. All this time they were thinking the others didn't see them as a threat. They're just going to let the others stir in their nerves. The Sisters mention that all this time they “thought the gays weren't a threat,” but now they're just riding their coat tails. They can't believe everything could be compromised by them.

The first three teams stop to coordinate their directions, and the Sisters yell out that they need to lose the Beekmans. It doesn't work, as all four teams reach the Chateau to start searching for the Stone Dog. Not speaking French, the three girls are yelling “woof, woof, woof” at the people behind a chained-off area, and pantomiming dog paws with their hands.

Josh walks up and knows how to speak in French. Suddenly James2 are scared to be in France and know the team they're trying to lose speaks French. James calls it another card up their sleeves. Suddenly Josh is running as fast as them, too. Jaymes thought Josh was hurt, but now he seems to have a bionic ankle as he runs through the gardens to reach the stone dog and the clue.