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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 5 – The One Where No One Could Cook

As for Last Chance Kitchen, CJ and The Wiz battle Yagi Bear for survival. And CJ thinks she’s a pirate. I think she’s a cartoon bear. Tom tweaks CJ about his dislike of team challenges – you need to be a team player, and Wiz is lacking confidence.

They are a team again, and since CJ bitched about Hipster/Lizzie dessert – they are making a dessert. HA! Nice one, Tom. Yagi isn’t a dessert fan. Wiz is being more confident this time – CJ wants hay ice cream, and Wiz thinks he’s a freak. CJ’s want for arugula in the dessert leaves Wiz bug eyed and pissed. And yet, he’s making it. Can’t bitch, Wiz. Yagi is compressing a banana, and Tom is skeptical of the hay. Along with everyone else in the world. Because there is one thing we all know…people love the taste of hay. Wiz is bitching about Tom talking to him too – because Tom never does that. Wiz is just full of complaints.

CJ and The Wiz- Hay Ice Cream with Cherry Fritter, Cherries and Arugula – Tom questions the teamwork. Wiz praises the hay and the chocolate/arugula combo. Later he would bitch.

Yagi Bear – Frozen Banana with Fruit Compote and Lemon Curd – Tom says a lot of going on, tea, peppercorns and olive oil. In a dessert!

Tom likes the savory touch. He doesn’t like the soupiness of Yagi’s bowl. He thinks the arugula was too much. The winner is the team of CJ/Wiz. So Yagi is out and part of the Save a Chef. The boys are now the champs. We’ll see what happens next week – I doubt they remain a team moving forward, much to CJ’s relief.

Quickfire Hits
• I forgot about the Season 5 birthday curse – it almost got Thumb this time.
• Cool that Eliza was proposed to in the very market they competed in this week. Just a nice touch.
• Who know that Thumb and Brooke knew each other? She claims he is all heart, I think he’s all scalp.
• We learned that the famous fish tossing involves stunt fish. In related news, we learned about the existence of stunt fish.
• Josie said something about a pearl necklace. I’m avoiding the obvious joke here and just questioning where the oysters were.
• Loved how we saw them back in the house after getting slammed by Tom and Thumb went right for the liquor. Commence drinking now!
• Monkey called it the worst plate of food he made in 30 years – and he was high half the time!
• I want to be on OTV’s side – especially in his battles with Monkey – but his weird argument with the Wiz about a “defeatist” attitude was odd. All the Wiz was saying was that it was out of their hands now – and he was right. Settle down, OTV, and lighten up, Francis.
• Loved the Mono wit in teasing OTV about how it was a chore to eat the grits, and later, when CJ seemed incredulous that Hipster/Lizzie’s dessert was not at the bottom. CJ called it a debacle, and Mono deadpanned, “your burger was even worse.” HA!
• Update on Save a Chef – it seems Camba is in the lead. Vote if you want to – I am boycotting this horrible idea.
• Extra Scene – The Thumb tries to explain Last Chance Kitchen. Whatever.

Next week – Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Awesome. Also, Monkey and Moonen have a history.

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