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The Most Disappointing Bachelorette Yet – The Bachelorette 3, Episode 7

By Rachel

I think by now everyone has heard what a fiasco the final episode of The Bachelorette turned out to be. I’m here to recap the disaster.

The three hour finale began with Jen’s family meeting John Paul and Jerry. Jen’s family really seemed to like John Paul. He was polite, sweet, grounded, and said all the right things. He even asked Jen’s dad what he would think about John Paul proposing to Jen. Her dad said he thought that would be great. Then Jerry came over and the family wasn’t as impressed. They didn’t not like him, but they obviously liked John Paul better. It was already apparent, however, that Jen had made her choice. She stood in the kitchen and told her mom that she felt more of a spark with Jerry. Couldn’t Mom see it? I don’t really think she did. Mother knows best.

Jen went on final dates with both men. During both, each of the men declared their love for her. To me, John Paul seemed more sincere. I thought he genuinely looked like he’d found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Jen’s two best friends also got time alone with each of the men. John Paul told her friends how much he cared for Jen. The girls were a bit skeptical of Jerry. They later told Jen that he didn’t seem to give a straight answer to any of their questions. Wow, where have we heard that before? They also told her that John Paul seems perfect for Jen. He’s the ideal guy for Jen. Another nail in the coffin.

Jen had to go shopping for an outfit for the big event and brought her two best friends with her. They could tell that something was not quite right with Jen. She was distant and not her usual jovial self. Jen finally breaks down in the limo. She is near hysterics and says that she is sad and that she had no idea how hard this would be. She knew she would be sending someone home, and that someone loved her and would be heartbroken. Hint, hint.

Both guys bought Jen extremely expensive engagement ring. I hope they kept their receipts.

It’s finally time. Jen is waiting in a palatial room to break the heart of one unlucky man.

That unlucky (or very fortunate, depending on how you look at it) man is John Paul. He goes in first and looks so happy to see Jen. Your heart breaks for him on the spot. He goes in, hugs her, and almost instantly pulls out the ring. He tells her that he’s everything he’s ever wanted. She tells him that he’s everything she’s ever wanted, too, but there’s no spark. Huh? Poor John Paul looks so confused. He wishes Jen well and leaves. In the limo, he’s very upset, and understandably so. He says he’s angry and hurt, and you can almost see tears forming in his eyes. John Paul says that Jen made a mistake, and in a few years, she’s going to be 32 and alone, with no husband, and she’ll have to face the fact that she had the perfect man for her and she blew it, and it’ll be too late. You go, John Paul!

Cut to After the Final Rose. We already know that Jerry is the “winner”. But we’ll have to wait a little while before seeing the proposal.

John Paul gets to ask Jen some questions in front of a live audience. He asks what was missing, and Jen tells him it was that infamous spark. She also tells him that he’s a great guy and she wasn’t leading him on. He seems to be doing better now, and we all hope he finds a nice girl.

Now it’s Jerry’s turn. He comes out onto the stage and now we get to see his proposal before he is united with Jen.

Jerry walks in, greets Jen, and starts his speech. He tells her that he’s totally fallen for her, and then it starts to get confusing. He starts to go down on one knee, and she stops him, but then regrets it and tells him to continue, but the moment is already ruined. It’s a very awkward moment. He tells her that he doesn’t want to leave there without her. Jen tells him that she doesn’t want to leave without him either. He tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She tells him to save the ring. She wants him to save it for a while down the road so he can be sure. He says that he’s already sure, but he’ll wait if that’s what she wants. Jen tells him that she is 110% committed to their relationship.

Now it’s time for the two love birds to see each other. Jen comes back out and they embrace. They sit. Chris Harrison, the host, tells Jen that everyone is waiting for an answer. Jerry looks at her, indicating the ring in his pocket, and says, “What am I supposed to do with this?”

Jen looks at Jerry. She starts out with stating that she was very committed to their relationship, but as he knew, they’ve pretty much decided that they’re better off as friends. The audience gasps. I admit that my jaw literally dropped. I didn’t necessarily expect the two to stay together forever, but I was at least hoping for a somewhat happy ending for the show. Jerry tells Jen that she’s opened his heart to love and trust again.

The audience wasn’t quite so forgiving. One woman asked Jen exactly what would make her happy. Jen didn’t give a good answer. I don’t think anything will make her happy. Another member of the audience asked if there were problems in the sex life of the pair. Jen refused to answer. Jen seemed like she was itching to get out of there. Jerry was a bit more enchanting.

It was a totally lame ending to the show. By taking a look at the message boards, it seems that there are a lot of disappointed viewers. There is another upcoming installment of The Bachelor, but don’t be surprised if it is the last one. Between sagging ratings and everything that went on with this finale, it seems the flame has gone out. The show’s track record isn’t all that wonderful, either. The only two couples still together are Trista and Ryan, and Byron and Mary.

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