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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 12 – We Are Family!

Of course, it backfired. Justice’s recharge of Blair led her to realize that Malcolm/Denise are going to be formidable in the finals. So, she and Scoopin’ decide to blindside Malcolm with Carter and Abinormal. A very smart choice. Malcolm has an idol, and if he survives this vote, he is in the Final Four. They are running out of time if they want to get him – as I said, Malcolm in the middle of the finals would be formidable. So they seemingly elect to get him. All that would stand in the way would be an immunity win.
And for the second week in a row, the person who really needed to win immunity…won immunity. Abinormal knew she had to win it, but Malcolm didn’t know he had to win. Ironically, in both cases, Carter was the one standing in their way. Malcolm’s immunity win guaranteed him the Final Four and set up the possibility that if he wins immunity in the next episode, that he could hand his idol over Denise.

So, we head to Tribal Council and it is a question of whether or not to oust Abinormal or Carter. Interesting why they didn’t turn on Denise after agreeing to turn on Malcolm. Was it only the idol? Because Denise is just as much of a threat to their game as Malcolm. But anyway, when given the choice of keeping the woman who irritates them but is a) not a challenge threat, and b) not really a Finals threat, or keeping the well-liked guy who has won two immunities, and almost won a few others, it was not surprising to see the group elect to go with self-preservation.

Anyone who watches the show closely knew Carter wasn’t going to win – the man never spoke. He got very little air time that it was clear he wasn’t going to the end. Seems like a nice guy but not a dynamic TV presence. And like Samoa Brett, if he made the end, he would have won.

Treemail Top 10
• Come on, Abinormal. Do you really, really think that people don’t like you because you “are too honest?” Sadly, I think she does think that. It’s the sign of someone without much self-awareness. But that topic has been beaten to death this season – it is not cultural, it is not misunderstandings, it is just Abi being Abi. If anything, it is innate behavior magnified by extreme conditions. If you met her in a coffee shop, she’d probably be loads of fun. But not here.
• It’s not a family episode until someone smears snot all over a loved one’s shirt. And speaking of shirts…loved Scoopin’ saying goodbye to his boy. And then demanded the shirt off his back!
• In the category of greatest compliments ever – Blair to her bro, “I don’t think I’ve ever needed any person more.” Wow.
• The M&M boys literally grew up watching Survivor. Excuse me while I get my cane, Metamucil and catch the early bird dinner.
Reward Challenge – Dig out muddy bags, toss them to your loved one, who then throws them in an effort to knock down several targets. First to do it, wins the visit. In other words, an excuse to spray mud all over the newbies.
• I appreciate any and all uses of the word “knucklehead.” For that, I salute you, Malcolm.
• When I saw Blair and Scoopin’ on the cast list (and Roxy too), I was worried we would have a repeat of God’s Favorite Reality Show from South Pacific. I have been pleased to see God has had more important things to do this season – although I would have appreciated some intervention during Hurricane Sandy, and for Him to take Larry Hagman after a few more seasons of the new Dallas. So, wasn’t thrilled to see the group prayer this week. But, clearly, Jesus wanted Malcolm to win immunity – and if he played Survivor, would actually BE Malcolm. Because there is no other explanation, no?
Immunity Challenge – Balance Beam, Platform, hooks and jumps in the ocean, and bags full of ropes and sticks. Then they had to create a long poking device to hit a target and release a flag. Or, as Probst said – “erect a pole.” Cue the penis jokes. Malcolm started slowly, but caught up. Abinormal had the best moment where she carefully secured the bags over her shoulder like a Prada handbag before jumping in. She still dropped a bag.
• I still like Abinormal’s attempts to sell the hidden idol. And I wonder if it played into the Carter vote. If it did, I question why they didn’t just split the vote up. If Abinormal is voting for Carter – which she should. And Carter is voting for Abinormal, which he should. The other four should vote three for Abinormal, and one for Carter. That would make it 4-2, and if she played the idol, Carter goes home.
• Lastly, we learned that Abinormal is both a Dementor and baggage. And scene.

Votes – Carter 5 (Malcolm, Denise, Scoopin’, Blair, Abinormal), Abinormal 1 (Carter)

Next week – Maybe Abinormal and Blair team up. Maybe the CBS promos once again deceive us.

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