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Amazing Race 21 – Episode 10 – To Dream The Impossible Dream

Route Markers
• The Goats’ mini spat about Josh getting worked up, and Brent telling him to do Lamaze breathing? Funny and endearing. You are right about that, Josh, you are not pregnant.
• You are also right about the loveable underdogs rarely winning the Race.
• Glad the Top 3 spend the day at the beach and not prepping for the leg. Or, you know, learning how to drive stick.
• The 1-2-3 Alliance (Thanks Y, good nickname) is still working together. Rare that you see an alliance work so closely so late in the game.
• As a tennis fan (well, I was long ago), I loved Y making an Andre Agassi reference, and Brent comparing Josh to Monica Seles.
• Come on, Nad…you don’t know that you’re not left-handed? Come on.
• Nat – “Come on!! You’ve gotta focus on getting it across the net.” Thanks, Captain Obvious.
• Did Nat really tell the Goats to “go on, we’ll catch up to you.” Why should that even be an option?
• In the caves, searching for the clue for finding the Detour, I really hope those spelunking guitar players didn’t have to play all day long!
• Don Quixote! Yay, literacy!! And Sancho Panza, to boot! There have been lots of people dressed up like dead famous people or fictional characters this year, right?
• Magic Mike got very lucky they stumbled upon the windmills while searching for the arena. They could have been screwed if this happened on a closer, or more important, leg.
• Pit Stop. When the coolest thing is not Phil’s latest hat, you know you have something. The greeter at the mat had no head. Awesome – how weird must it have been for Phil to be standing there waiting with this freak of nature! That’s right, Y, “This guy ain’t got no head.”
• Best exchange – Magic Mike getting ready for the windmill task, talking about how thy have seen their share of construction outfits while stripping for cash.
• Other great exchange – Twins speculating the Goats are prepared with maps because they are gay.
• Worst exchange – The Twins can’t believe they lost to the “gimpy guys.” And that, is why you fail.

Roadblock – Hit tennis balls. Trey, James, Josh, Nadiyaa.

Detour – Windmill repair or fake bullfighting. Texas does the bull, the others fix windmills.

Order of Finish – Texas (trip to Rivera Maya), Magic Mike, Goats, Twins (NON-ELIMINATED). Wait, Riveria Maya? Maybe Texas brings the end of the world, just as the Mayans predicted.

Next week – Finale. Winner. And Lexi gets conked on the head.

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