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The Amazing Race, Dec. 2 – Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

The sisters arrive and decide Nadiya will do this one. Josh is afraid the sisters will power through it quickly. Not so much. Natalie says they were forced to take lessons from the age of 5 to try to make them the Williams sisters of Sri Lanka, but they would jump in the pool instead.

Josh is still complaining about his ankle. He realizes he can either keep hitting the balls or drop, so decides to keep hitting. He plans to do it until it breaks off, though I'm afraid to ask what will break off. Josh finally gets all twenty balls, and he and Brent get the next clue. Josh comments he feels like he won the Olympics. Twinnie is still working on it and gets her twenty as the Beekmans run out. The sisters ask the Beekmans if they know where they're going, but the guys say they have to stop for directions. The sisters wouldn't help them if it was reversed, and I hope the Beekmans realize this.

James2 approach Coves de Campane, a set of caves, along with Trey and Lexi. They decide to do it together and bang it out. Jaymes thinks it's like something out of theme park, and Trey thinks it's neat to see something natural that's been around for thousands and thousands of years. They hear the music eventually, and it's coming from two acoustic guitar players who are sitting near the clues.

It's a Detour – Spin it or Bull It. In Spin It, teams will attach two giant blades to a mill tower to get the next clue. In Bull It, teams will enter a bullfighting arena and but on a bull costume. The will have two minutes to butt the capes of eight matadors and correctly hit the bullseye to launch the fake matador into the air.Trey and Lexi decide to do the bull, as do James2, believing it will be easier to find.

The Beekmans are driving and begin to argue. The sisters are bemoaning being in last place and say they suck. The two teams in front discuss getting on the highway. James2 go for it, while Trey and Lexi think the guys are headed for trouble. James2 see the arrow for the mill and decide to do it since they're there. Jaymes used to take things apart as a kid, so they think they have this.

Trey and Lexi reach the bullfighting arena and get geared up inside the bull. He's in the back, with her in the front. She can't see anything and blindly runs through while he tries to guide her. She runs into the last matador and “slices the crap” out of her finger.

The Beekmans reach the cave and start searching for the music. They hear it and work their way over there, getting the clue from them. They decide to do Spin It, which is probably a good idea with Josh's ankle. James2 is still working on it, as they discuss being a full service Chippendale agency. They get passed and get the next clue. It tells them to drive themselves to the pit stop at Castell de Bellver.

The sisters make their way through the caves and hear the music, finding the guitar players. They grab their clue and decide to do the windmill. Trey and Lexi try the bullfighting again with Lexi in the back this time. She directs him through all the matadors with capes, and they go to hit the last matador and launch him correctly and get the clue to the pit stop.

The Beekmans reach the windmill, with the sisters arriving just after them. Josh says whatever competitive drive he has came into play as the twins pulled up, as he knows in his heart they'll be better than the sisters, and they were obviously hing trouble driving and parking. The Beekmans have a wind turbine on the farm, but it's not as great as this one.

The twins took Spanish, but don't think it's doing them good right now as they communicate with the mill worker. Josh thinks working on the windmill is just like repairing a tractor. He admits he's good with tools and thinks it's their time to make up time, although they can't see what the twins are doing right now. It doesn't seem as if they're having an easy time though.

The first two teams are both on their way to the pit stop, and it's Trey and Lexi who are the first to run onto the mat, being met by Phil Keoghan and a headless person in a chair. Odd. They are indeed team number one. They have won a trip for two to the Riviera Maya. They've never done anything like the Race, and think its a great feeling to come in first, and believe they get more confident each leg. James2 arrive next as team number two. Phil asks if there is anyone more motivated to win than them. James mentions no one could be, as they're working for the health of loved ones.

The Beekmans are still working on the windmill, as Brent says the problem is that they second guess each other a lot, then argue about it, but they haven't done that with this task. Natalie is getting upset with the “old-ass windmill.” Righty tighty lefty loosey, per the Beekmans. They get it done and pass, taking off for the pit step. Brent thinks the two of them working together are better than they are separately, and Josh knows that's why they've been together fourteen years.

The sisters are arguing and yelling at each other to hurry up, saying they suck. The Beekmans run in to be named team number three. Phil mentions he's seen them limp, collapse, faint, and fall down, yet they're still there like the little engine that could. Josh believes they can actually win. Their odds are better than ever, as it's just hard to kill them.

The sisters are complaining, saying they can't believe the gimpy guys did this. They could have beat the gays here and didn't. They messed up so bad and it made it much worse. They did it all to themselves, and if they get eliminated, they only have themselves to blame.

Natalie and Nadiya run onto Phil's mat. He asks what happened, and they run through the whole litany. As I expected, it's a non-elimination. They were depressed, but know they need to get their game face on and make sure they make good decisions, and hope there's no more driving.

With a two-hour finale next week and a final four, that means one of these teams will probably be eliminated after the first hour. They don't seem to be that far apart, so it's really anyone's game at this point. Everyone is a good leg away from winning and a bad taxi ride away from coming in fourth.

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