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The Amazing Race, Dec. 2 – Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

I don't know how they do it, but the Fabulous Beekman Boys, Josh and Brent, just keep hanging on week after week. They survived a non-elimination, and somehow have always been second to last or just a little before since the beginning of this season of The Amazing Race. I think they're due to come in first on a leg.

The first team to leave Amsterdam are sisters Natalie and Nadiya at 2:55 AM. Their clue tells them to fly to Barcelona, Spain. When they touch down, they'll need to make their way to the Port of Barcelona and catch an overnight ferry to the Island of Mallorca. There they'll watch a Devils and Demons exhibition and get a clue from one of the devils.

The sisters mention that they think they deserve to be in the top three since they have such a huge lead on everyone. Their original goal was just to not be eliminated first. They board a 6:00 AM flight out of Amsterdam, the only team to catch the flight, because of their huge lead.

Chippendale dancers James and Jaymes leave at 5:57 AM and discuss U-turning their friends Ryan and Abbie. They don't even know if they ended up going home and have no idea who the fourth team is, not knowing that it's Josh and Brent. Trey and Lexi leave at 6:38 AM, and he mentions they're feeling great at this point in the Race. They know they can count on each other. James2 grab a 7:20 AM flight to Barcelona. Trey and Lexi grab a flight leaving at 7:55 AM.

The sisters are the first team to land in Barcelona at 9 AM. They look to get tickets on the overnight ferry and find it doesn't open until 10 AM.

Josh and Brent are the last to depart at 9:38 AM and discuss playing catchup for three legs. They've had good luck, bad luck, and dumb luck, but they must be doing something right. They mention the difficulty in not seeing anyone else racing. Josh had an ankle injury on the last leg, and Brent encourages him to do some Lamaze breathing. They realize they're the team that is on each season that you have no idea how they make it to the end. They catch a flight out of Amsterdam and are headed to Barcelona.

James2 get to the port and run into the sisters with giant hugs all around. They go book tickets and find the first boat out is at 11 PM. Jaymes is a bit incredulous. As they leave they run into Trey and Lexi, and they all catch up regarding the U-Turn, then hit the beach while they wait for their 11 PM boat. They have no idea who the fourth team is and scream and yell when they see the Beekmans with more hugs all around. James is happy it all worked out right that they sent the stronger team home.

The boat leaves at 11 PM with all four teams aboard. They reach Palma de Mallorca the next morning and all catch cabs. The Beekmans are the first team to reach what they think is the site of the Devils and Demons expedition, the Dalt Murada, but it seems to be the wrong place. A worker shows them another similarly-named place.

The other three teams reach the expedition and fight their way through to get the clues. Eventually they find the right demon or devil to get the clue. The clue tells them to drive themselves to Centro de Alto Rendimiento. They all decide to follow each other in the Ford Focuses. The Beekmans arrive just after and approach everyone it seems before they get the clue.

Lexi mentions that they have lost the sisters. They were right with them, but have disappeared, so she wonders if they got turned around. James2 are wondering the same thing. The sisters are trying to figure out how to drive the car with the stick shift. They had discussed before the Race that Nadiya would be in charge of learning to drive stick, and it's not going well. She asks what's wrong with the car, and Natalie asks what's wrong with her. She eventually gets moving.

Josh is feeling really good about their place in the Race now that they're driving, as they haven't been in a position to drive and read a map so far on the race, but Josh feels it's giving them a big confidence boost. This part is easy to them.

James2 and Trey and Lexi reach Centro de Alto Rendimiento and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will text their skills on the clay tennis courts of a pro. They will need to successfully return twenty balls inbounds before their basket of balls is empty. Trey and James will be doing this one.

Trey plays tennis, so feels this is a great shot for him and Lexi. He gets the balls across like he's firing them off. Jaymes looks at him and figures if you have the Andre Agassi headband, you're going to play like Andre Agassi. James isn't having the same luck with the machine shooting the balls out, saying they're low fastballs, knuckballs, curveballs, etc., and he's not even close. Trey gets his twenty across the court very quickly, and he and Lexi get their next clue to drive to the town of Coves de Campanet where they will need to follow the music that will lead them to the next clue.

James only has six balls in and runs out of balls in his basket, so he has to start over. Josh thinks his ankle is feeling much better and that having it elevated all night on the ferry was helpful. Brent wants him to know he shouldn't use it as an excuse. Nadiya and Natalie are still fighting the stick shift. James finally completes the Roadblock, and he and Jaymes get the next clue.

The Beekmans arrive and ask James2 where they are supposed to go. After they take off, Jaymes asks James when the last time was that he played tennis, and he believes it was probably when he was in fifth grade.

Josh decides he'll do this challenge. Neither he nor Brent have planed tennis in the past twenty-five years or so. He forgot that his ankle was so bad, and the first time he plants his foot on the court, it rolls to remind him how bad it is. Brent jokes that he looks like Monica Seles on the court. They have talked about Josh needing to get his anxiety level under control, but Brent thinks if he hasn't done it so far in his 42 years of life, he probably won't accomplish it on the Race. He gets just four balls out of his first basket.

Trey and Lexi stop and ask for directions and believe they'll to the nest stop soon. Brent tells Josh he's hitting all the balls out of bounds, and they need to get it done before the sisters get there. He only gets 10 balls out of his second basket and sits down to take a break.