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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 4 – So Much Salt In My Mouth

Lizzie, Kish, The Thumb and The Wiz are on the top, and Thumb noticeably plants one on Kish. Shameless, Stefan. Shameless. In the praise, Kish said that deep fried things can’t go wrong, and Tom corrects her. Yes they can, he has seen it, on this show many times. Her side dishes win her $10,000. Goes to show – you cook things really well and you could win. Simple as that.

Hitting the bottom are CJ, OTV, Real Housewife and Camba. OTV blames Tesar for poor expediting for the coldness of the soup – he even calls him a “Monkey” – and I may have a new nickname. He can’t blame him for the saltiness though. Camba gets slammed for a very sad looking and tasting salad. Housewife gets criticized for the badly cooked squab and admits to not have checking on them. CJ admits to sous vide cooking his meat – bit mistake. That method wasn’t even invented yet.

In the end, Camba is out. No shock, she’s barely spoken all season. And the Real Housewife is out. That was surprising as she got tons of attention. The season just got a whole lot quieter. That means in back to back episodes, the winner in one has been eliminated in the next one. First Yagi Bear and now the Real Housewife. Watch out, Kish.

As for Last Chance Kitchen, the four eliminated chefs are given a shot to stay alive. JJ, Yagi Bear, Camba and Real Housewife are given a task – make the dish that knocked you out again. They could replicate it, or rethink it. They have 30 minutes to do it. Yagi thinks it is revenge time against the potato. Camba makes the same salad to prove she can. Housewife takes 12 minutes to debone the bird, and can’t find an effing spatula.

Camba – Canlis Special Salad – Tom said it was much better, it would have made the Canlis brothers happy.

Real Housewife – Whole Squab with Baked Tomato and Morels – Tom said it was rare and walked away. Ruh roh.

Yagi Bear – Lemongrass Cream Potato Chowder – Tom asks if she is happy with it. She is.

JJ – Pan Roasted Halibut with Peas and Morels – Tom thinks he improved on the last time.

Tom gathers them, said three of them improved. Not so fast Real Housewife – she did not. She’s done for good. Except she’s not, because she can get voted back. Boo! The winner of LCK this week is Yagi Bear who will compete next week to retain her slot.

Quickfire Hits
• I didn’t expect a reality show not called The Bachelor or The Real World to include foot rubs among the participants, but there we the Thumb using his actual thumbs to take care of Kish’s stinky feet. As we learned in Pulp Fiction, be careful with foot massages. Marcellus Wallace could toss you out of a window. Not that I blame you, Thumb. It is Kish, after all.
• Josie and The Real Housewife’s attempts at obtaining their meat from the slab of beef would make for the funniest installment of the Saw series yet.
• The Real Housewife implied that they use bricks rather than knives to do some smashing. Last I heard, Italy was in the 21st century – they could do better than bricks.
• Loved the sad Charlie Brown reaction from the Wiz after his Quickfire performance.
• Can we talk about this? Padma – “There was just so much salt in my mouth.” She was referring to OTV’s onion soup, but I choose to let my mind wander.
• Extra Scene – The chefs marvel at the planet-sized baked potato. Padma jokes about wanting more.

Next week – Josie and Eliza clash over seafood, someone makes bad grits, and one whole team seems to have angered Tom.

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