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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 4 – So Much Salt In My Mouth

Elimination Challenge – Mark and Brian Canlis come in. They run a long time family restaurant. The challenge is to recreate their menu from 1950. Winner gets ten grand. Two chefs will get booted.

Prep shows a lot of foreshadowing. Kish elects to do two side dishes. OTV warns Camba about doing the signature salad. And The Thumb pressures the Real Housewife into making squab. Tesar volunteers to expedite since he has immunity. In the restaurant, we see that only a couple of chefs will be manning the grill, and will thus be cooking everyone else’s meats.
Judging will be Padma, Tom, Emeril, Monobrow, the brothers and Beast.

The Wiz – Fresh Crab Leg Cocktail – Padma loves it. Mark said he nailed it, and Tom felt like the salad could have been better.

Lizzie – Marinated Herring – Beast found it to be delicious. Tom felt it was nailed and had a ton of acid. Emeril loves the crackers on the plate.

OTV – French Onion Soup – Tesar’s condescension to OTV about making the soup seemed to have some truth. Mono said there were issues, Beast said it was very salty.

Tesar – Steamed Clams Bordelaise – Tom liked the flowers and Emeril liked it a lot.

Camba – Canlis Special Salad – Emeril says it was way overdressed and soggy. Brian wanted it crisper. Padma thinks some mint could have gone a long way.

Brooke – Seafood Salad a la Louis – Mono said it looked like a cookbook. Tom found the shrimp and lobster to be well cooked. Brian thinks the green beans were al dente.

Papa Smurf – Fresh Hawaiian Mahi Mahi – Beast likes the sauce, Brother Brian likes it a lot. Tom found some of the bloodline in the fish.

Real Housewife – Whole Milk-Fed Squab with a red wine reduction – Padma loved hers and the sauce, but the others had poorly cooked birds, and Emeril lamented that it was not cut properly.

Micah – Mixed Vegetables – Mono said they were unders-easoned, but Beast liked the authenticity of the selection and its look.

The Thumb & Kish – Calf Liver with French Fried Onions – Beast thinks the liver looked and tasted exactly like it would have in 1950. Tom was a big fan of the dish, Emeril felt the respect, while Brian raved about the crispy onions.

Latex Salesman – Double Cut New York Steak – Emeril said it was ok, but Beast was disappointed it was cut against the grain.

Josie – Gargantuan Baked Idaho Potato – Aptly named dish. Jeez – that’s a big potato. Brother Mark liked it, but Padma wanted more oil in the skin.

CJ – Shish Kebab with Pilaf – Mono said it was under-seasoned, and Tom really seemed to dislike all parts of the dish.

Kish – French Mushrooms – Tom loved them, Mono was impressed they were not wet and Tom added that she just simply knew how to cook them properly.

Hipster – Vanilla Ice Cream and Royal Hawaiian Supreme – Brian found the ice cream to be fantastic, especially the added piece of peanut brittle. Beast liked the other dessert, but the response was underwhelming.

Eliza – Mint Sherbet and Fresh Frozen Hawaiian Pineapple Parfait – Brian thought the mint was a bold retro statement. Mono thought the parfait was just fine, Tom wondered what else would you want.