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The Amazing Race, Nov. 25 – Friendship vs. Playing the Game

James2 are named team number two on Phil's mat. He brings up that they are playing the game by U-Turning Abbie and Ryan. Jaymes just hopes they don't lose a friend. A bell rings, and he calls it a sign from God. Jaymes already sent his parents a card saying they have won a million dollars and needs to fulfill that promise.

The last two teams reach the floating market, with the Beekmans deciding to follow Abbie and Ryan to whichever Detour they are doing, which will be recreating the painting. Knowing the U-Turn is ahead, Ryan figures the first three teams won't U-Turn each other, so there should be one left when they get there, and he will just U-Turn the Beekmans. But if Trey and Lexi do what they're supposed to and U-Turn James2, it won't work out that way.

Trey and Lexie reach the museum and talk about being concerned James2 didn't fulfill their promise, but finding out they did, they follow through on their end and U-Turn Jaymes and James. They leave for Ransdorp and laugh about how pissed Abbie and Ryan will be.

The last two teams start the work on recreating the painting Trey and Lexie reach the Roadblock, and Trey decides to complete the challenge. He, too, makes it over the muddy water right away. They race for the pit stop.

Abbie and Ryan's live painting is passed right away, as is the Beekmans'. They all race for the museum gardens. Trey and Lexi are declared team number three by Phil in the meantime.

Abbie and Ryan see they were U-Turned. They can't believe James2 did that to them. They part ways with the Beekmans who apologize to them. The Beekmans discuss possibly waiting for Abbie and Ryan to do the other challenge, but Brent points out at that when they reach the mat, Abbie and Ryan aren't going to tell them just to go ahead of them.

Abbie has to collect her tips for the organ grinding in the rain, but dances with the people giving her money. She dances so much with one woman, she tells Abbie she's going to make it, so she's done and gives her $6 Euro. Abby gives her a huge hug in return.

The Beekmans read the Roadblock, and Josh ends up doing it. He falls on his way and hurts his ankle. He makes it over on the first try and makes it back again as well, despite the hurt ankle. Abbie and Ryan discuss in the cab how hurt they are about James2. Ryan says it speaks volumes that they talk about establishing a relationship, then stab them in the back.

Josh and Brent land on Phil's mat and are called team number four. Phil realizes they don't look happy about being team number four. Josh says they aren't happy leaving Abbie and Ryan behind. Phil offers to eliminate them but has no takers. Brent believes that the person who will win the race deserves it, and he and Josh promise they will go right to the end.

Abbie and Ryan reach the muddy pit, and Ryan is having a hard time making it over the muddy water, as Abbie talks again about finding out that their friends U-Turned them. They reach Phil's mat, and he eliminates them. They're both in tears as Ryan says the Chippendales cost them $2 million. It was brutal. He doesn't feel like they accomplished what they set out to.

I get how it has to be difficult to draw the line between being friends and competing. However, before finding out that they were U-Turned, Ryan was saying if they ended up getting U-Turned, it would be fine as they would just U-Turn the Beekmans. And this is a team they had grown close to the past few legs. Josh was even willing to wait for them to complete the second Detour. I hope after the shock wore off that Ryan realized this and won't ruin the friendship he and Abbie created with Jaymes and James.

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