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The Amazing Race, Nov. 25 – Friendship vs. Playing the Game

Abbie and Ryan hit Frankfort and seem to have missed their flight again. They weren't checked in since they just got off the other flight. They won't let them board the flight, and they take off to catch the second one they booked. They decide they got Franked. Once on the flight, they find the plane is having mechanical difficulty, and they won't be able to take off as scheduled. Lexie is over it. The deicer can't be repaired, and they need to switch planes. Trey feels they are done.

The bus with the sisters ends up going through the water in some type of amphibious venture. They will now have seven minutes to eat five herring each before the bus gets back to the cafe. If they don't succeed, they'll need to wait ten minutes before they can try again. They are trying to eat through their gagging. Natalie tells her sister to swallow and not chew.

James 2 find the cluebox and see the Fast Forward and information to get to the next clue. They need to travel by boat and look for the Poffertjesboot floating herring market to get the next clue. They decide to try the Fast Forward instead. They reach the cafe and wait for the bus to return.

The sisters complete the Fast Forward and ask the waiter for a fishy kiss. Their clue they receive sends them to the pit stop for this leg of the Race, the House of Rembrandt's Mistress. They get off the bus and tell James2 they did the challenge, sending James2 to Poffertijesboot.

Abbie and Ryan are finally boarding their connecting flight as Trey and Lexie are arriving in Amsterdam. They have no idea who has arrived and who hasn't. James2 find the marked boats to travel to the herring market. They discuss it being a magnificent way to see Amsterdam and to enjoy the calm before the storm. Trey and Lexie figure someone else did the Fast Forward and head for the boats.

The sisters land at the pit stop with Phil Keoghan. They are the first to arrive and have won $5000 each. James2 arrive at the herring market and get a snack and a clue, a Detour – Back in Time or Organ to Grind. In Back in Time, teams will work with a group of live extras to recreate a Rembrandt painting, including clothing and props. In Organ to Grind, teams will find a huge organ with one person operating the grinder, and the other collecting tips. James2 decide to Organ Grind and hope to just run right past the upcoming U-Turn.

Trey and Lexie board the boat on the way to the Poffertjesboot. James2 look for the organ at the busiest intersection. Jaymes sends James to do the muscle work and operate the grinder while he looks for tips. He admits he's making a spectacle of himself. Perhaps he needs to start stripping.

Trey and Lexi get their snack at the floating market and decide to do Organ to Grind. They hope the Chippendales U-Turn Abbie and Ryan and say they would be so dumb not to. The Chippendales are only halfway to the thirty Euro they need, and it gets slow, so they take off their shirts and don their Chippendales collars and cuffs. Jaymes starts making money really quickly. Even a grandmother gives them money, and they complete the challenge. Their clue sends them to the Museum Geelvinck to search the gardens for the next clue.

The Beekmans arrive in Amsterdam and run into Abbie and Ryan. They're back together again. They're the only racers they've seen in the last three legs. Josh says it's odd they're not competitive with each other, but they know one of them is going to have to lose. Ryan says the Beekmans aren't a threat as he thinks they've realized they've gone as far as they can go.

James2 arrive at the museum and start searching. They find the Double U-Turn and know the plan was to U-Turn Abbie and Ryan, but now aren't so sure. Jaymes doesn't want to be mean. He doesn't want to lose two friends. Yet, what means the most to him is to go home and take care of his family, so they go ahead and U-Turn them, apologizing, saying they need the money more than them. Their new clue sends them by bus to Ransdorp to search the field for their next clue. They know they have to get rid of the strongest team and worry they will hate them.

Abbie/Ryan and the Beekmans reach their next cluebox and decide to travel on foot together to get to the boats. Trey and Lexi reach the organ grinders, and believe they'll make easy work of it with the pretty girl trying to get tips. James2 get their next clue and find a Switchback, a Roadblock from an earlier season. One member of each team will have to vault across a muddy ditch and pick up their next clue printed on a pair of shoes, then vault back again. James does this challenge and makes it right away. They head to the pit stop.

Trey and Lexi work on getting tips as Lexi does indeed cheerlead her way to $30 Euro very quickly. The last two teams call themselves lucky to run into each other. Their spirits are lifted.