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The Amazing Race, Nov. 25 – Friendship vs. Playing the Game

This season of The Amazing Race is starting to shape up. Only the strongest of racers are left, and they're all on an equal playing ground after twins Natalie and Nadiya used their Express Pass. Some might say goat farmers Josh and Brent aren't strong racers, but they find a way to keep moving through no matter what. And making it an even more tense leg of the Race, there will be a Double U-Turn. Who will get stuck?

The first team to leave Moscow are Chippendale dancers Jaymes and James at 7:32 PM. Their clue is a flag. They need to figure this is the flag for Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and once there, must travel by rail to the Central Train Station to search for their next clue. James2 say people are relying on them that they need to take care of with their possible winning. Jaymes father is dealing with cancer while working fifty to sixty hours a week, so he wants to tell him he doesn't have to worry about paying bills anymore and just needs to get better. James2 determine they are going to Holland.

Trey and Lexie (does her name have an E on the end or no? I swear the show displays it differently each week) are the next team to leave at 7:49 PM. They discuss working alongside James2, and that it's great to have another team you're friends with and enjoy competing with, and the same can be said for the sisters. They ask their cabdriver what country the flag represents, and he tells them it's France. Lexie is excited to go to Paris while Trey says the only French he knows is “oui.” The two teams meet up at the airport, and James2 tell them they are going to Holland and not France.

The sisters leave next almost an hour-and-a-half later. They, too, think they're going to France. They are hoping for a U-Turn to be able to turn Abbie and Ryan around. For one, they're racing for two million dollars and not just one, and for another because they're just annoying. The sisters find they are going to the Netherlands and not France.

The other two teams are looking for flights to Amsterdam and are told it's too late and that there will be no flights out tonight. There is one leaving the next day at 10:45 AM and arriving at 12:15, but there are only three seats left. There's also a Cypress Airlines flight connecting in Larnaca and arriving at 1 PM. James2 stays with that earlier flight, while Trey and Lexi head to Cypress.

The sisters arrive at the airport and find a flight connecting in Rome and arriving in Amsterdam at 11:30. They are told the one-hour layover is not enough time to connect and reply that it's on them if they don't make the flight on time. The airline personnel disagrees. James2 are getting that first flight and happy that it's direct with no connecting flight. Trey and Lexi get the Cypress Airlines flight. The sisters call themselves the best and badass and refuse to give up. They convince the personnel to give them the 11:30 flight.

Abbie and Ryan leave the next morning at 5:28 AM. He says they want to win, and if someone's going down, it's not going to be them. They have a few more legs to catch up and hope the U-Turn isn't on the other side of the flight. They know the sisters and Trey and Lexi will U-turn them, but don't think James2 will. They think they still have a four-hour lead on “The Beekmans,” Josh and Brent, and despite racing with them the last leg, Abbie and Ryan plan to keep sending the sheep to slaughter. At least they know their flags, and know that the flag right-side up is Amsterdam, and upside down France.

The other three teams are waiting at the airport and discussing the U-Turn. They know Abbie and Ryan will use it. Jaymes is worried it will be used on them, but the sisters tell them they are sure it will be them because Abbie and Ryan hate them. The plan is whoever gets to the U-Turn first will use it on Abbie and Ryan, and whoever gets there second will U-Turn the first team that has already passed since they are already safe. That's actually pretty smart. One of the sisters determines “Brown James” is in charge of this, because “Blonde Jaymes” is too nice. He doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings and doesn't want to lose a friend if he doesn't need to.

Abbie and Ryan are searching for flights and find one that passes through Frankfurt which is what killed them before when they lost a day and ended up in the back of the pack with the Beekmans. But if they don't take it, they won't get in until 6 PM. They decide just to book it as they will get to Frankfurt at 10:30. They are being smarter and booking multiple connecting flights, which i didn't know was allowed.

The Beekmans are the last to leave at 8:11 AM. They think everyone is going to want to keep them in the race because they think they are the weakest, and they're okay with that. If they get carried into the final three by another team, they'll take it.

The sisters are connecting in Rome and due to arrive at 11:30 AM, James2 are flying direct and arriving at 12:15 PM, Trey and Lexi are connecting in Larnaca and due to arrive at 1:05 PM, and Abbie and Ryan have booked two connecting flights in Frankfurt which will get them there at either 12:45 or 2:05 PM. The Beekmans take a flight that is connecting in Oslo.

The first team to arrive in Amsterdam is indeed the sisters, who obviously made their connecting flight. They board the train to the next clue. The Beekmans are boarding their plane and due to arrive at 4:35. The sisters find the cluebox, a Fast Forward. For this, they will need to find a marked bus at the Van Gogh Cafe. They look for locals to help them and get on a rickshaw. James2 arrive and board the train. The sisters reach the cafe and find the bus. They sit right in the front and take off.