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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 3 – I’m Looking Forward to Having Your Kroppkaka

Quickfire Hits
• Did Padma’s opening voice over say there were 12 chefs remaining? Or am I hearing things? Maybe that’s why Brooke ran out of flour – they only expected 12 chefs in the kitchen.
• I could spend all day listening to the Real Housewife say fufu. Even if it isn’t about a little bunny.
• The Thumb once had hair and has a family. He didn’t just spring to life from the collective selfish thoughts of modern society.
• Josie wants to put love in an envelope or purse. I think there’s a dirty joke in there, but I choose not to find it.
• Emeril likes to “stuff its ass with butter” – which is rather gross. And for a turkey, delicious. If anything else, it is a torture outlawed by the Geneva Convention.
• Not sure how New Orleans vs. Italy is really a Civil War analogy. I forgot about the Union Army employing lots of Italian soldiers. Of course, I haven’t seen Spielberg’s Lincoln yet.
• There sure was a lot of bird handling in this episode.
• Tesar actually had a fun moment as he whisked with one hand and used a device with the other for the same purpose.
• The Wiz’s Thanksgiving tradition – getting hammered early. He’s seven months sober and thrown into a hugely stressful situation – that certainly can’t end badly, right?
• The Thumb after his Housewife dustup – “That’s why I left Europe…European women.” Snerk.
• Emeril’s Thanksgiving sum up – “Food, Football and Sleep.” Don’t forget the alcohol – just keep away from the Wiz.
• I loved how Tom started to praise the Real Housewife’s soup but was wondering what happened to the cabbage. It turns out Tom can’t understand her either – he thought cabbage when she said carrot!
• With Tesar’s former ally Yagi gone, I wonder if he is the new Angelo – you ally with him and you are doomed to making a huge mistake.
• Extra Scene – Housewife/Thumb continue to battle, but he elects to back off. Why? Not because of new found humility, but because he heard her ex was Mobbed up. Great. Now THAT’s a great spin-off – Thumb on The Run.

Next week – Giant slabs of meat.

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