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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 3 – I’m Looking Forward to Having Your Kroppkaka

The Thumb – Klopse – Germany – Ground Lamb, Mashed Potatoes and Capers – He grew up on this stuff in Finland. Dana said it was good for a day at harvest. Whatever that means.

Lizzie – Szilvas Gomboc – Hungary – Plum and Cinnamon Filling in a Potato Pastry – This gets an ok.

Real Housewife – Fufu – Africa – Chicken and Lamb Filling with Red Sauce – It seems this is from the entire continent of Africa – because Egyptian cuisine is identical to South African, I’m sure. She fails to read the recipe on the Kindle thanks to her cut from last week – a very solid advertisement for the product. Dana has to put authenticity aside. I don’t think she will.

CJ – Pierogi – Poland – Veal and Pork Filling with Demi-Glace – Dana said the plate was pretty.

Josie – Mandu – Korea – Pork, Tofu, Shiitake Mushroom Filling – Dana wonders about the kimchi, I wonder if this is something found in North and South Korea, or if the Northerners actually have tofu or have to substitute dirt and squashed hopes and dreams in its place.

Latex Salesman – Potetball – Norway – Potato Ball with Lamb and Fried Spaghetti – Dana doesn’t like the “Fried Hair” – he said it was for texture.

Kish – Momo – Nepal – Pork and Chicken Liver with Ginger and Cumin

Then Padma says this sentence, which coupled with the leather pants, elevated this episode about two notches, “Well, I’m looking forward to having your kroppkaka.” I’ve never heard it called that before, but have at it, Padma. What? Oh, it’s a Swedish dumpling. Ok, I knew that.

Tesar – Kroppkaka – Sweden – Potato Dumplings with Béchamel Sauce – Dana questions the sauce choice.

Papa Smurf – Jiaozi – China – Pork and Shrimp Filling with Shiitake Mushrooms. – This gets a “good job” response.

Brooke – Siomay – Indonesia – Chicken and Shrimp with Peanut Sauce and Diakon – Dana calls it a “nudie dumpling” because of the lack of wrapping, and they praise Brooke’s flavors, even if it was unfinished.

Micah – Manti – Kazakhstan – Ground Lamb with Dates, Curry, and Cinnamon – He gets a nice flavor comment. I guess it didn’t taste like Borat.

The Bottom – Brooke for the naked food, Housewife for the wrong recipe and Yagi Bear for not plating. The Top – Josie’s complete dish, The Thumb’s granny meal and Micah’s full flavors and pretty plate. I expected Micah to get the win for the greater challenge – but Josie earned the win. And she sure needed it.

Elimination Challenge – Make Thanksgiving dinner for the workers at Fare Start, a local charity who teaches the less fortunate culinary skills. Tom and Emeril will coach the two teams and give their traditions as inspiration to the challenge. Papa Smurf prepares for an epic battle. Emeril’s has a New Orleans flavor, while Tom’s uses his Italian heritage for inspiration. One of the key moments has Tom saying that putting herbs under the skin of the bird and basting it repeatedly is the method that works.
It was kind of fun to watch the chefs work with Tom and Emeril – two ultra-giants in the industry. Tesar asking to put bacon in the cornbread – of course that’s ok…it’s bacon! Speaking of bacon – I loved Tom tossing it across the room to Micah. I mean, what’s Thanksgiving without throwing the pigskin around!

Tom and Emeril were clearly having fun – Tom’s “yum yum yum” moment where he fed stuffing to Emeril was hysterical – especially coming from Tom. And then they talked smack about football. Clearly having fun.
Not having as much fun – The Thumb who argued over cooking space. Real Housewife loved his craziness – at least she did at this point, her tune changed when she was involved. So, they get to the location and serve to Tom, Emeril, Padma, Dana, The Hat and charity prez Megan Karch.