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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 10 – Is Abinormal The Worst Survivor?

Treemail Top 10
• Scoopin’ did a good job summarizing basic Survivor strategy – you need to control your game and not let others control your fate.
Reward Challenge – three huge rings each have a giant disc in the middle. Two teams compete to have all three discs facing up at the same time. I expected a lot of wrestling, but it turned out to be a challenge full of sprinting and mistakes. One team had Carter, PBP and Malcolm – so you knew who was going to win. Malcolm and Scoopin’ each forgot to flip their opponent’s disc back over and lost points, while Abinormal thought they were playing darts or something. She was confused. The boys and Abinormal each won a spa trip and a feast as a result.
• Nice yellow turban, Malcolm.
• Oh, Carter. Pedi means the feet. It always has.
• Abinormal…you can’t say all the old people were back at camp. Why? You are 32. You’re not as old as the others, but you ain’t as young as those boys.
• Carter feeds Malcolm grapes in the bathtub – instantly inspiring many fan fiction among a certain fan base.
• Abinormal…oh Abi. You really didn’t realize saying you refuse to help cook, but are ok with eating the food was cause for rebellion against you? Really?
• The Abinormal interrupting of Denise at Tribal, and of Carter after the reward as he tried to describe some sort of salsa not only encapsulated her presence on the show, but also kinda did the same for Carter. He seems to figuratively get interrupted by the more interesting people on the island – perhaps it’s because he seems to have found some wild cannabis or something out there.
Immunity challenge – pass a buoy along a twisted rope. First through a barrier, then through a balance beam and then through a series of obstacles in the water. PBP, Abi and Blair were out after the first, then Penner and Malcolm. Scoopin’ had the lead up until the last knot before Carter passed him. And again, let me add that Denise may be one of the best female contestants – physically – ever. And she’s no slouch socially. If she makes it to the end, she wins.
• Loved Penner’s rub on Malcolm’s back after the vote. Dude knows what it is like to have his name written down.

Votes – PBP 3 (Carter, Penner, Malcolm), Malcolm 2 (Abinormal, PBP), Abinormal VOTES DIDN’T COUNT (Blair, Scoopin’, Denise)

Next week – Are Penner and Blair battling now? And Abinormal is crying.
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