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Interview with ANT of Celebrity Fit Club

by Deanna, aka Panndyra, Goddess of Chaos

[b]Hi ANT. Thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule. You’ve been awfully busy lately. Tell me what’s been going on?[/b]

Well, as you know I’m hosting Celebrity Fit Club on Vh-1. I’m also a regular on the Dennis Miller Show. It’s on CNBC daily. I’m going to be covering the red carpet at the Oscar’s for the Style Network too.

Plus, I’m a regular judge, the only regular celebrity judge on Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge. That airs on Sundays too. So, you can watch me on the WB at 9pm (Eastern Time). Then, you can flip the channel to catch me at VH-1 on “Fit Club” at 10 pm.

Last week’s episode had Vivica Fox and the Reverend Al Sharpton as judges.

[b]How did you get the gig on Celebrity Fit Club?[/b]

I have to say that the exposure I got from being on Last Comic Standing helped me get this gig. But I had been on VH-1 before. I was kind of a fixture. But I really think the more national attention I got (from being on LCS) was what helped the execs make their decision.

[b]So why did you want to host Celebrity Fit Club?[/b]

I used to be fat. I know how hard it is to lose weight. I thought that I could be more empathetic to the celebs than maybe another host could because I’ve been there.

[b]Since you brought it up, I must say you’re looking fit and buff these days. How did you get into ‘fit club shape’? Any tips for me and my readers. C’mon, dish?[/b]

There’s no magic pill. No big secret. It’d be great, but it ain’t gonna happen. When the experts say it’s all about diet and exercise, it’s the truth. Without the two, you can’t lose the weight.

I do an hour of cardio every single day and 100 push ups every single day no matter what. That gives me the freedom to eat pretty much whatever I want.

[b]Who do you think is most likely to continue with the program after the show ends? Least likely?[/b]

Ralphie and Wendy. Ralphie’s had some rough patches, but he’s unwavering. Many people who gained weight while on a weight loss program while being on national television, wouldn’t keep at it like he has. He hasn’t gotten so discouraged that he’s given up. He keeps doing it. There’s something to be said for that. I’m proud of him.

Wendy. I love her. She’s like the nicest person. Having her as a friend is hysterically fabulous, but I get a lot of Snapple sent to me. It’s made from the “best stuff on Earth”, but it ain’t the healthiest.

It’s so funny because people may think that she can’t be that nice and sweet but – she’s genuinely like that.

Daniel Baldwin. He’s such an evil person. He keeps spiraling out of control. What you’ve seen on the show so far is nothing like you will see. How’s that for a sound bite?

It’s been hard on the cast especially. Everyone’s so committed to losing the weight and sticking with the program but one bad apple really does seem to spread and try to ruin the bunch.

[b]Which celebs would you most like to see on Fit Club?[/b]

Mo’nique, Queen Latifah, Mindy Kohn, Countess Vaughan and Kirstie Alley but she’s got the Fat Actress gig going now.

[b]Your comedy cd, “Follow My Ass” became available at the end of last year. How’s it doing? What was it like putting the compilation together?[/b]

It’s going pretty well. It was a good experience. I’m under contract to do two more CDs, but we’ll see. You can buy it at the Comedy Central Shop and anywhere else that fine music products are sold.

[Author Note: The actual URL at the Comedy Central Shop is – http://shop.comedycentral.com/sm-ant-follow-my-ass-cd–pi-1891823.html

No pressure, folks! But it’s funny as the shizznit, y’all!]

Who else do you still hang with from the Last Comic Standing Crew – besides Ralphie, ‘cuz he’s on the Fit Club?

I still talk with most of them. I’m going to the Dominican Republic with Tammy Pescatelli and Kathleen Madigan in May. I hang with Alonzo sometimes and I’m still friends with Jay London.

[b]Is Harvey really that harsh? Basically, I’d like to know if there’s a lot of ‘creative editing’ on this series or not.[/b]

Pretty much what you see is what happens. Harvey is really just like that. Most of the stuff is just like you see it. Of course, they edit for dramatic effect and cut stuff because of time issues, but it’s not as “creative” as you see on other shows like Last Comic Standing where you were supposedly talking to someone who may not have even been in the room.

[b]What’s next for ANT? As if you weren’t currently busy enough![/b]

I’m really swamped and I’m really happy. I’ve gotta be thankful for it, but I’m just really busy. It’s what I’ve always wanted. So I’m grateful … especially for my fans.

[b]There, you have it, Shackers. That’s my interview with ANT of “Celebrity Fit Club” – and lots of other TV projects. He’s as nice as he’s busy and even funnier in person, if you can imagine that! Please check him out wherever and whenever you can.

Don’t forget to visit his web site – http://www.antcomic.com for video clips, images, scheduling information and so much more! It’s worth a bookmark, I’d say![/b]

** If you have questions or want to chat about this interview, feel free to contact me at panndyra@realityshack.com. Thanks much! **


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