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Amazing Race 21 – Episode 8 – PENCILS DOWN! NEXT ROUND!

Route Markers
• Roadblock fun. They are supposed to figure out times in various cities with just the local time in Moscow and charts to determine it. The trick is that Moscow is +4 hours from Greenwich Mean Time. So when the next region says +6, you only add two hours to the local Moscow time to determine the value. Lexi and Y giggle like a couple of disruptive 10th graders before Lexi gets the puzzle after 10 tries. The Twins burn their Express Pass – this was the last leg they could. And Brent figured it out the first chance he had.
• And then there was Ryan. Oh, Ryan. You know I love you, dude, but that was really funny. Ryan bragged about how good he was at math when he sat down to do the task. He even got up after the first try to get his clue. Sorry, Ryan. The man could not fathom being wrong. Test after test went by and he kept getting it wrong. You would think he would start to question things – Abbie sure did – but no chance. He made references to glitches in the matrix and how files were corrupt. Totally geeky crap from a martial arts master! He even wrote down six instead of the required five once. Loved how he started to tear up the test before handing it in. The facial expresses were priceless. Finally, he got past the dangerous cocktail of ego, exhaustion, arrogance and panic to figure out the mistake. OhhhhhhhH!!!!! He kept repeating – I’m so STUPID!!! It took 25 tests. Heh – past Racers with the “intense” label would have spiraled or taken it out on his partner. Ryan did not do that. He hugged Professor Awesome.
• At the lock Roadblock – Abbie, “You have to jiggle it.” Me – “Just a little bit”
• Magic Mike gets a super fast taxi. If you know Russia, you can get a ride fairly easily if you don’t mind getting into illegal, unlicensed, unmarked taxis. They are commonplace.
• Loved Y telling the cabbie, “Si” – and then catching his Amazing Race Universal Spanish moment.
• Classic moment – Texas rolling down the window to avoid the smoke and treated with a face full of Moscow puddle splash.
• Didn’t know that move was called the Coffee Grinder. You learn things on the Race.

Roadblock – Geography class. Lexi, Y, Ryan and Brent. No Twins or Hairs.

DetourMovers – learning the Russian dance. And Shakers – Find the historical figures. Movers – Texas, Magic Mike, Twins, Apprentice. Shakers – Goats. Hairs did nothing we saw.

Speed Bump – Something with a priest in a limo. Or regular partying with Lindsay Lohan.

Order of Finish – Last week/This week – Texas (trip to Maui), Magic Mike, Twins, Apprentice, Goats (four-hour penalty), and Hairs (NON-ELIMINATION)>

This week – Magic Mike (trip to Costa Rica), Texas, Twins, Apprentice, Goats, and Hairs (ELIMINATED)

Next week – Apprentice has another airport issue, as we presumably bunch up the teams. Even the Goats. Magic Mike has a U-Turn dilemma.

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