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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 2 – Survivor Comes To Top Chef

Quickfire Hits
• I had to look up my past nickname for Stefan and realized I’ve been recapping Top Chef since Season 3. That’s a lot of Padma. I am not complaining.
• Camba’s reason why Finn is an evil villain – “He looks like a thumb.” Heh. Maybe, just maybe, I should give Finn a new nickname this time around….maybe I should call him The Thumb. (copyright Camba)
• I know why Tesar is the Most Hated Chef in Dallas. It is not the attitude, ego, yada yada yada. It is the stupid glasses on the stupid forehead look. What the hell is that? They are not a visor. Eyeglasses are for the eyes. Thus the name. If you are done using them – take them off of your friggin’ body. I barely put up with Glasses last season with the head-resting glasses look. The forehead is unacceptable.
• Top Chef is doing its straight male audience a favor. Kish talking about the gooey duck’s resemblance to a male body part. And I don’t mean the Adam’s Apple. Just try not to think about the cleaver part of the imagery, fellas.
• Real Housewife is going to be a go-to source for one-liners, isn’t she? “I am a chef, but also a woman. I want to be a James Beard and have a nice ass.”
• And The Thumb – “I have nothing to prove. I drive an effing GT3 Porsche, okay? And I have eight restaurants.”
• And Mr. Latex Salesman – “Belgian food is amazing because we’ve been conquered so many times that we keep all the best ingredients from everybody who conquered us. I mean, that’s a lot of them.”
• I am going to get very tired of a) chefs bitching about Real Housewife’s volume, b) Tesar’s references to his Hated Chef in Dallas status, and c) trying to figure out what Yagi Bear is saying.
• At first when Lizzie talked about how she’s normally in bed with three people and cats, I wondered what kind of weird 50 Shades of Grey this was – but after a moment, realized she must of meant her kids. Oh, my mind.
• Cool moment when JJ revealed he was gay. My question immediately was – who didn’t think JJ was gay?
• Eliza sums up Top Chef well – “You can burn something and call it Cajun, you can undercook something and call it mid-rare, but you cannot underseason. That’s the kiss of death.”
• I am surprised the Real Housewife doesn’t cut herself more often, what with the insanity she naturally cooks with.
• Gail about Tesar’s prawns, “For the first thing to put in my mouth in Seattle, not bad. That came out wrong.” Heh. Love Gail.
• Extra scene – NY’s loss was almost Seattle’s gain as Tom reveals that he almost moved to Seattle after a bad breakup when he was young. TD is glad he didn’t because now Seattle is his town.

Next week – Tom makes yummy noises. And we have a Thanksgiving challenge. And there is no chance I post on time.

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