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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 2 – Survivor Comes To Top Chef

Hipster notes that they, in fact, have cod. Good to know. OTV goes crazy trying to find mushrooms and winds up using leftover fungus from an earlier team.

Kish, Micah, The Wiz – Crispy Seared Salmon, Local Vegetables, and Spot Prawn Butter Sauce This dish looks familiar to them. TD likes the sauce; Gail feels the prawn texture was lost.

Eliza, Hipster, OTV – Pan Roasted Cod, Mushrooms, Fava Beans, Pickled Green Apple and Garlic Scape Pistow – TD said the cod had a perfect taste. Emeril wanted the apple to be gone, and Tom found it to be loaded with raw garlic.

Tesar, Yagi Bear and Papa Smurf win the challenge. Tesar’s earth and sea approach was praised, but it was Yagi Bear and her poaching plan that earns the big praise. Tom asks if she had done it before – she hasn’t – and suggests that she should do it again. She wins the challenge.

The returning chefs are sent to the chopping block with JJ, Latex and Brooke. OTV calls BS on having the returnees there with their unfair advantage, as Tesar (correctly) notes that they are heading into possible elimination right now. The vets do a bit of stonewalling about the dishes at first. Josie felt hers was seasoned well, and Tom is dubious. Finn says he made he quail rare or medium rare, which gets a cold response. He reads the room and starts to come clean. Brooke blames the differing styles on the team. JJ admits to starting on the fish way too early. It becomes rather clear that JJ, Latex and Finn are in trouble. Could you imagine if Finn went out in the first episode?

He doesn’t. It is JJ, which shows that Top Chef is not fixed; the Bravo-based show sent the good-looking young gay guy home first. He laments how his family will ask why he is home so soon. I am sure a producer will explain sequester to him.