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Top Chef: Seattle – Episode 2 – Survivor Comes To Top Chef

Latex, JJ and Brooke – Crawfish with Pickled Red Chili, Fennel and Crawfish Cream – CJ says it is old school, and Finn thinks the crawfish was cooked well.

Lizzie, Real Housewife, Camba – Oven Roasted Crawfish with Fennel and Herb Salad. – Lizzie is disappointed with the messiness. CJ prefers a roastier flavor, but Josie thinks the seasoning is good.

Micah, Kish, The Wiz – Fried and Sashimi Geoduck, Radish and Bok Choy Salad, Yuzu Chili Vinaigrette – Josie enjoyed the two ways, and CJ wanted the sashimi to be sliced thinner.

Papa Smurf, Yagi Bear, Tesar – Geoduck Sashimi, Ponzu, Apple and Cucumber – CJ prefers this style of slicing, and loves the apple. Finn wanted more salt, but is basically nitpicking.

Eliza, Hipster, OTV – Razor Clams and Grilled Corn Chowder with Fresno Chili and Grilled Lime – CJ liked the add of the lime, while Finn wanted more salt.

Team Razor Clams gets the bottom slot – CJ hits them on the lack of acidity and seasoning. And how it didn’t sing. Not sure razor clams needs to be an X-Factor contestant, but ok. The winner is Team Apple Gooey Duck – Tesar calls it one of the top five things of his life. And that makes me sad for him. They draw knives for immunity and Tesar gets lucky.
Then the judges join the contestants. Woo. Twist.

Elimination Challenge – Make a dish using local ingredients to serve to the judges (Tom, Padma, Gail and Emeril) and Seattle uberchef Tom Douglass. They will serve at the revolving restaurant atop the Space Needle. They have one revolution to make the meal – that’s 47 minutes. Again with the number 47!

In prep, Yagi Bear suggests a bold chili oil poaching method, and Hipster’s team is unable to identify what fish they are using. Bad start. Lizzie is petrified about working with the Real Housewife again. But the big moment is where CJ suggests in the 11th hour that they should use quail since everyone else is doing strictly seafood. That proves to be an error. Yagi Bear keeps the pot on too long, but that drama fizzles out.

Tesar, Yagi Bear, Pap Bear – Chili Oil Poached Cod with Dashi, Spot Prawn Shabu Shabu – I don’t think much of that are actual words. TD liked the smoky dashi. Tom was surprised the chili didn’t overpower the fish. Gail found it to be good and light.

Lizzie, Real Housewife, Camba – Poached Salmon with Seasonal Vegetables and Beurre Blanc – TD likes the local in-season fish, and Padma thinks the Blanc is flavorful.

JJ goes into his military family background and Finn jokes that he’s used to much bigger breasts than that of the quail. CJ makes a cherry emulsion, but Josie thinks it sucks so she remakes it. Brooke correctly worries that JJ’s fish is overcooked.

CJ, Josie, Finn – Quail Breast with Confit Spot Prawn, Cherries and Porcini – TD is not a fan of the cherry. Tom and Emeril each say the quail is overcooked, and Emeril finds the broth bitter. TD liked the dish.

Brooke, JJ, Latex – Pan Roasted Halibut, Mushrooms, English Peas, Wheat Beer with Herb Sabayon – TD and Gail gave some tepid praise, but the bottom line is, as Padma says, the fish is like a hockey puck.