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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 9 – I’m Like A Storyteller

Treemail Top 10 – So many good things this episode, I hope I leave nothing out!
• My favorite moment of the whole episode – because I am really just an overgrown 12-year-old – was when Abinormal was chopping a coconut, lost control of it and had it careen off the ol’ Scoopin’ noggin. The man is a magnet for injury. Abinormal – “Are you ok?” (At least she has basic human feelings…) Scoopin’ – “Well, I’m not going to die.” HA! Best part was Malcolm cracking up next to Scoopin’ the whole time.
• A different great moment – the whole Reward challenge. I don’t know why they don’t do this more often – it is always a winner. They arrive and are met by a flock of kids who all gravitate to Denise. Penner hysterically gets blindfolded and plays a piñata game – whacking it with an awesome backward whack of the club. He also tells the kids that his name is Jonathan. They repeat it back. He says that back home his name is normal. They repeat back, “Normal.” HA! Jonathan “Normal” Penner. Awesome. He’s the opposite of Abinormal! Malcolm recalls back to his teaching days when he went to Micronesia for a year. He misses it and wonders why he is wasting his life serving drinks to women in bars. I can think of one reason.
• Who knew that Carter would know what was going on with last week’s votes and Penner was lost? Carter! The guy who talks like sixth grade stage play dialogue.
• Malcolm to Blair about last week – You were playing the game, I was playing the game. Perfect answer. I wish others would do that.
• Malcolm to the kids at the reward – and when I say kids, I mean girls – “You got boyfriends?” Giggles. “What about them? (Gestures to boys)” More giggles.
• I wonder if Artis or PBP ever really got into Abinormal’s face to tell her to cut out the insanity because it was hurting their games too.
• Another good moment – after Scoopin’ wins the necklace, Penner goes up to him to congratulate, “What the hell?” Very funny.
• So many good moments – Denise and Malcolm develop the Artis strategy; we are interrupted by Abinormal announcing that she found a clam. Malcolm and Denise mock and deadpan, “She found a clam. Yay” Heh.
• Points to this episode for multiple uses of the word “fulcrum.”
• Lastly, we now know what RC’s role in Survivor lore will be – other than the obvious (do I even have to outline what I am talking about?). She is taking over the role so ably filled by Eliza of Most Demonstrative Facial Expressions By A Jury Member. She even looks a bit like Eliza – although, I’m a bit partial to RC. So sue me. Not really – I really don’t have much, and most courts would just laugh at your case. You’ll just be wasting our time.

Votes – Artis 5 (Penner, Malcolm, Denise, Carter, Scoopin’), Penner 4 (PBP, Abinormal, Artis, Blair)

Next week – Scoopin’ and Blair regroup. Blair tries to break up with Abinormal. Just rip the band aid off, Blair. Rip it off!!
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