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Amazing Race 21 – Episode 7 – Note To Racers: Stop Losing Your Passports

Route Markers
• How can you not love an episode which begins with a close up of a belly dancer’s belly?
• Trey speaks for longer than he has all season – they’ve been dating for three years, but school and football (of course he plays football) got in the way. They are growing as a couple. Lexi wants a ring, and Trey wants to run away from the conversation like Forrest Gump running from bullies.
• Only about 90 minutes separated Texas from the Goats in the last leg. Sometimes you forget just how close these legs really are.
• Hairs joke about putting their money in a zipper pocket. At the time, I thought it was just a witty callback to the last leg. Who knew it was actually foreshadowing!
• Not sure why I was so amused that Texas elected to take a break from buying tickets to go get a Popeye’s chicken meal in the Istanbul airport.
• Apropos to nothing – Abbie is a lefty. So were five of our last seven presidents if you count Reagan’s ambidextrous nature.
• I was mad at the Twins about the Abbie “crazy eyes” comment – but then the show gave us Abbie’s best Carrie Matheson crazy eyes moment.
• Why was Y using an Italian accent when talking to the Russian cabbie? Doesn’t he know that on the Amazing Race the defacto accent is Spanish?
• Clowns freak out the Hairs. Big club, guys. Can’t talk, clown’ll eat me.
• Texas bitching about rainy Russia, and making a crack against Seattle in the process. Sorry everywhere can’t have the perfect, beautiful, totally-not-insane weather you find in Texas. Sigh.
• How did Abba run to the clue box first? Doesn’t he have no knee cartilage or something?
• I am calling for a moratorium on all “brown” and “Sri Lanka” references. Stat. You can have “twinnie.” Please.
• Magic Mike tried to wear the bow ties with the Speedos at the Detour. Nice. And good job appealing to more than half of your audience, boys.
• MM James referred to themselves as “big oafs” in the water. I love any use of the term oaf. He followed that with an awesome belly flop. I learned how to dive when I was nine. Why can’t he do that?
• I got on Lexi for the English cracks – in fairness, the Twins pulled the same crap. Please stop. I’m begging you guys.
• Hey Texas – that’s not a G. Seriously – guide books.
• Twins should thank Magic Mike for stopping the madness on using the Express Pass on that task when they knew Apprentice and the Goats failed to arrive at the first location. You only use it if they showed up to the Detour while you were still there.
• Cool that the Mat was at the Bolshoi Theater. Always wanted to go there – I have been to the Mariinsky Theater for the ballet which was unbelievable.
• Y hits on a passing Russian woman in a hot pink dress. That was one thing I noticed while in Russia – the young women all dress like they are doing the Walk of Shame after the Prom.
• Also flirting…Hair James, to the underage (I think) swimmers – “Girls, we’re going to the Tree of Love, who’s coming with us.” I love how one girl laughed – the only one who probably spoke any English.
• Good Twins moment – one said they fight like a married couple, but make up like little kids. And the other gave a good eye roll. And yes, I still have no idea which is which. They need signs.

DetourLibrary – Texas. Hairs start here, but flip. Swimming – Twins, Magic Mike, Hairs, Apprentice, Goats

Roadblock – Trey, MM James, Nat, Abba, and two still to be determined.

Order of Finish – Texas (trip to Maui), Magic Mike, Twins, TBD

Next week – The conclusion. Hairs search for the passports. And we see Ryan doing a task, which means they survived elimination one way or another.

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