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Paging Dr. Nicole! Simple Life – Episode 4

The Simple Life 3 – Episode 4

By: Chloe

Paris and Nicole are off to Conshohocken, PA today. That’s a mouthful! Takes a lot of jaw work to say Con-sho-hock-en! They’ll be staying at the home of Dodie Scalfani and her three children.

The bus rolls to a stop and there, posing in the sunshine are Dodie’s two sons. Strong, strapping, good looking fella’s waiting to sweep the girls away. C.J., the really buff son, seems to expect instant adoration from Nicole. He’s used to it he says. Girls flirt with him all the time. If Nicole were to make a pass at him, he thinks he may have a little fun with her.

Meanwhile, still on the bus, the girls eye the sons from the window. Instead of instant adoration, it’s instant irritation. Nicole says you can tell when guys consider themselves good – looking. It makes her want to punch them, and she hasn’t even gotten off the bus yet!

Dodie the mom is a pretty blonde woman who is bursting with personality. She’s very excited that Paris and Nicole are staying with them. She’s even willing to offer up her sons if the girls want them.

Paris and Nicole bond with Dodie and have a heart to heart about her dating. C.J. has left to bring in the bags. The other son (his name was never mentioned), is standing awkwardly near the living room windows. He seems aloof, ill at ease and not at all anxious to have fun with the girls like his brother, C.J.

Nicole invites him over to sit with her on the couch. He does so half-heartedly. Nicole teases him. He cannot believe the words coming out of her mouth. Dodie is hysterical with laughter. He just rolls his eyes at her.

The internship for tonight is with plastic surgeon, Dr. Marchant. Before getting started, the doctor tells the girls they must act professional at all times and must treat the patients with respect. Sure, Doc!

On the docket for today are lip augmentation, eyelid surgery, skin abrasion and liposuction. Paris is worried she might throw up if she sees blood. Nicole can’t wait to get started.

The girls change into scrubs and help with the first patient. All goes well since it is simply a skin treatment and no blood involved. Next is lip augmentation….

The music changes to something anxious, so we know something really gross is coming. During the process, Paris is getting upset. She turns away and closes her eyes. Nicole can’t take her eyes off the patient and even starts a conversation with him.

Paris rushes out to give it the old heave-ho!

It’s decided that Paris could put her people skills to use in the recovery room by offering cookies and juice to the patients. She does well and even entertains the patients by reading to them from her book, “Confessions of an Heiress”.

Back in the OR, Nicole has become a regular surgeon, assisting Dr. Marchant and Nurse Pamela with eyelid surgery. She is occasionally overcome with the enormity of what she’s doing, however, and dances a little away from the table, but comes back for more gore.

Later that evening, the boys take Paris and Nicole to the gym for a little workout. C.J. strives to impress the girls with how much weight he can lift. Sorry, C.J. they’re not impressed. The girls offer to be their personal trainers and insist they do some ridiculous tushy exercise. The younger son resists, exclaiming “You’re making me uncomfortable!”

After all that sweating, Paris and Nicole inform the boys they won’t go out with them tonight, unless they take a shower before they leave the gym. While they are in the shower, the girls have a little fun by taking their clothes and then leaving the gym in their car.

Naked, except for a towel around their waist and stranded without wheels, the boys walk home. Sorry, but I can’t repeat what they said in this review.

Next morning…it’s liposuction! Paris freaks. Nicole is repulsed and fascinated at the same time. Now and again she reacts with an orangutan dance (waving her arms above her head) and shouting things like, “It looks like cranberry juice!”

After a hard day in surgery, Paris and Nicole take the Scalfani’s to a drag queen bar. Paris even hops on stage to strut her stuff. She ends the runway walk with a lap dance for the uptight brother who FINALLY unbends enough to smile for the cameras.

Their time is over in Conshohocken, PA and through tearful goodbyes, the girls board the bus. Dodie is still hopeful that one day Paris and Nicole might marry one of her sons.

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