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Top Chef: Seattle – Premiere – Don’t Let That Omelet Intimidate You

Lizzie gets a perceptible nod from Tom as she continues to do well with each task given. Cam is tentative and hanging back, and Tom noticed. Micah’s confidence is rising and his duck is top notch. Jor El’s got a salt problem with his dish. Cam started to get things going, but the question is if it was too late.

Tom gathers them together. Lizzie did everything well – Lizzie is Chef #14. Jor El’s salt was a problem – and he goes the way of Krypton. It is between Cam and Micah – I expected both to be selected, but instead only Micah gets a slot, Micah is Chef #15. Cam goes home disappointed.

Quickfire Hits
• Boob sweat. What can you say about an episode that references boob sweat?
• Marge may also be a witch – “Show yourself to me, egg!” I expected a Harry Potter spell to follow.
• Why was Padma doing a voice over that was not necessary? Just to have her in the episode? And to do that, we choose her voice? We need a visual here, not an audio.
• Gina says that Hugh was wrong about her, she’s not just a chef, she’s a movement. Who says these things? I’m not a movement, I’m a concept. I’m a paradigm. I’m a friggin’ phenomenon.
• There is really a thing called Redneck Island? Really? This isn’t a Jack Donaghy show designed to destroy NBC?
• Monobrow says that if Red Hat wants to make some Hawaiian spam, he’s in. I would like very much to see a Spam challenge this season.
• Loved Gina describing her dish as “delicious” before Monobrow points out that he’ll be the one to decide.
• Extra Scene – Puck makes an omelet for the group. Lots of butter, lots of delicious.

Next week – Well, this season. Seattle. Mud. Meat. Padma on skates. Kish gets a foot rub. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris! Yelling. Many villains – Tesar, Housewife, the Wiz. All-Star round up of chefs to judge. Helicopters. And a twist for the ages. Hmm, I wonder if they are going to cook up some Soylent Green.

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