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Top Chef: Seattle – Premiere – Don’t Let That Omelet Intimidate You

Atlanta with the Brow – Monobrow welcomes five more chefs into his restaurant down south. He has them make a salad – something of beauty and flavors.

Sheldon Simeon Sheldor is from Hawaii and has won a lot of awards. He also has a cool red hat.

Bart Vandaele – Is from Belgium and wants to be our latex salesman. He’s also a knight. Not sure what kind of knight. There are several options. All just as good as the last.

Gina Keatley – She sure likes to talk. And fast.

Danyele McPherson – She is rocking some hipster glasses and has that sexy coffee ship employee look about her. She’s kind of like Jeanine Garafolo’s sexy young cousin. She has a degree in anthropology but chose to become a cook instead.

Brooke Williamson – She has tats and a four-year-old. This is her exciting adventure.
Despite some exploding blenders, the chefs manage to chop some veggies, and do some grilling even if Gina seems to think that charring tomatoes is a bad idea.

Red Hat – Fried Brussels Sprout Salad with Orange Thai Vinaigrette – Monobrow thinks the sprouts are good and so is the vinaigrette.

Costanza – Spiny Lobster Salad with Beets, Asparagus and Potatoes – It is a giant salad. Monobrow likes the lobster, but thinks there is a lot going on. The funny thing is Hugh meant it as criticism, and I think The Dark Knight thinks it was a complement.

Brooke – Kale Salad with Brussels Sprout Leaves and Lemon Vinaigrette – It looks hideous to me, but Monobrow seems to like it. He likes the kale so much, he sends Brooke through and Brooke becomes Chef #9

Gina – Sautéed and Grilled Zucchini with Carrots, Pea Sprouts and Balsamic Reduction – He finds it to be weedy and overdone.

Hipster – Grilled Watermelon and Tomato Salad with Charred Tomato Vinaigrette – He likes it but does find the grilling to leave a propany taste. And propane accessories.

Monobrow tells them they need have an extra desire to want to win it. He is talking back three of the four chefs – Gina and her mouth get the boot. This means that Hipster, Red Hat and the Latex Salesman are Chefs #10, 11 and 12

In Tom’s Kitchen – We are in L.A. and in Craft as Tom welcomes in five chefs and puts them to work.

John Tesar – The Most Hated Chef in Dallas. What a great title. He claims Bourdain called him the best chef – but it is unsure if he said that while coked up in the 80s.

Lizzie Binder – That makes her a Binder full of women, no? Anyway, she is from South Africa and is mesmerized by Tom’s eyes. It’s ok Lizzie, people are allowed to lust after Tom and Padma on this show. At least that’s how I rationalize it.

Jorel Pierce – Loved this guy. He has a Rollie Fingers handlebar moustache, and he has the same first name as Superman’s father.

Micah Fields – This guy is going to be popular with the ladies and the gay male population. Mark my words.

Anthony Gray – Also known as Cam from Modern Family. He’s also a hot, sweaty mess.
Lizzie rocks the tortellini task assigned to her, and Tom notices that she knows what she is doing. Cam is butchering a duck with a paring knife, which Tom finds odd. He also nicked a breast – which must be what the kids are calling it these days. Tesar is filleting and portioning a salmon and goes into how drugs killed his career in the 80s – he has bounced back well, but is far behind the chefs who were his peers back in the day.

Micah is also a sweaty mess – come on, Tom, turn on the AC! He his filleting a black bass and struggling, forcing Tom to assist. Jor El is also struggling with chicken butchering – he is not doing it the way Tom likes it. You must ask first, Jor El. Tom is testing nerves – the chefs are firing up meals to actually go out to customers. Tesar gets the first test – he is searing a halibut and cooking it for real. Tom digs it and Tesar gets the nod – Tesar is Chef #13