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Top Chef: Seattle – Premiere – Don’t Let That Omelet Intimidate You

Meanwhile, we scoot over to California, as Wolfgang Puck welcomes six chefs to his Cut restaurant. He wants the six of them to make him an omelet. He recalls a story of his first gig and having to make the boss an omelet. He was told it was so bad it was like shitting in your own bed. Ew.

Carla Pellegrino – She is the wife of a chef with huge, huge lips. I want to say they are of the collagen variety, but her wedding photo shows the same lips. Hard to tell. One thing is for sure – she is the lost Real Housewife.

Eliza Garvin is very nervous. Her knees are jelly. I sense a knee jelly omelet coming up.

Chrissy Camba has lots of egg experience and is wary about having her fate in Puck’s Austrian hands. How can I not use this woman’s last name as my Probstian nickname?

Tyler Wiard does not want that omelet to intimidate him. I also did a double take when his name flashed on screen because I thought it said his last name was “Wizard.” It is now. He’s also one of those rare loudmouth wizard who has great potential to annoy.

Daniel O’Brien is a chef from my DC region neighborhood. He also looks like Buster Bluth.

Kumiko Yagi is this season’s Accent To Annoy and Confuse Me. She was a banker in Japan, hated it, moved here to cook and alienated her family. The Wizard makes an origami joke about her. He really does.

Puck wanders around and his interactions make the viewer think he may actually be a drunk Austrian. He tells Eliza that he wants red meat, and so she changes her plan and makes steak. He says he’s an easy guy to deal with if you make what he wants. He tells one chef that if something is missing from the mise en place, it’s because Puck has eaten it. He compared the stove to a woman; they never do what they are supposed to do. He’s a little nuts.

Of course, not as nuts as the Lost Housewife. She not only talks while she cooks, she yells and curses out her seasonings. Meanwhile, Eliza has burned her omelet and is now reusing her ingredients in a new one. Buster has added too much bacon fat to his and the Wiz is using salad to hide his omelet’s imperfections.

The Wizard – Bacon Shallot, Asparagus and Roasted Red Pepper Omelet – Puck likes the contrast and the crispy potatoes with it.

Yagi Bear –Chamomile Milk, Morel Mushrooms and Ham Omelet – It has an intensely delicate flavor.

Buster – Wild Forest Mushroom Omelet with Oysters, Bacon and Pea Salad – What’s with all the peas? Anyway, Emeril notices the extra bacon grease.

Camba – “Torta” Omelet with Lobster, Bacon, Caramelized Onion and Fennel – There is a salt issue, but Puck likes the way it looks.

Eliza – NY Strip and Morel Mushroom Omelet with Fennel Tomato Reduction – Puck said it was complicated.

Housewife – Mediterranean Omelet with Arugula Salad – Puck comments on the messiness. He adds to his weird borderline misogynist statements by saying the giant salad on top feels like a woman who is wearing too much makeup. You know, like the Housewife. Anyway, the veggies were rather juicy and saved the dish.

Puck decides to take five of the six – see ya Buster! That makes Camba, Yagi Bear, Eliza, The Wiz and the Housewife Chefs #4, 5, 6, 7 and 8