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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 8 – What In Holy Hell Just Happened?

Treemail Top 10
• The Post Tribal scenes proves what Penner had tweeted last week – Denise was not with them, and she made it clear in their discussion afterwards. Kent realized he had to throw in with PBP. Scoopin’ explained to Penner about the Tandang cracks – something which lends credence to my F8 thoughts about a Blair/Scoopin’/Penner/Malcolm/Denise mash up.
• Great shot from the production team of that…for lack of a better word…underwater fish tornado. Guys – you had me at fish tornado.
• Foreshadowing – Kent calling Blair “soft, naïve, and nice” as we proceeded to watch her show her ruthlessness, knowledge of the game and steely reserve. Mad respect for Blair this week.
• Where did Kent get all of these toothpicks? Did he make them? Were they in a reward? Was that his luxury item? I am fascinated by this.
Reward Challenge – Five on five water challenge. Swim out and release a crate of puzzle pieces. The tribe pulls you back with a rope. After getting all four, the fifth teammate digs up a key. Then two people assemble the puzzle – which is a banner, which the keymaster raises with a rope. Winner gets a river cruise in the jungle with ribs, potato salad, corn bread, apple pie, lemonade and iced tea. Scoopin’, Abinormal, PBP, Artis and Carter vs. Blair, Penner, Kent, Malcolm, Denise. The rope matchups left the Penner team in the lead – Kent blew away Abinormal (she competes!), Penner held off PBP, Carter took the lead back from a slow swimming Blair, but Scoopin’ struggled and Denise caught and passed him. Artis got the lead back by finding the key before Malcolm. Scoopin’ and PBP battled Penner and Kent on the puzzle, but had no chance. They got smashed. Denise did a weird wiggle dance which I would like to see a gif for.
• Artis ranted about being ok with rice and beans for another three weeks if need be. Has he had any screen time this season that did NOT involve a rant?
• PBP/Abinormal/Artis has to be one of the most odious alliances in show history, no? PBP’s got arrogance of the Hantzian variety. Abinormal is NaOnka Crazy. And Artis is your angry shut in neighbor that does not give the kids back their Frisbees if they land in his yard. One thing PBP was right about – Abinormal will get no jury votes. What he doesn’t realize…neither will he.
• “Hey Penner! I’ve got a pretty good clam!” – I’ll let the humor in that sentence resonate on its own.
• I mentioned Penner’s Bolt pose after winning, but what about Carter’s pose when the race began. In case you didn’t know he was a track coach, there it was. Regardless, it was funny to look at. This ain’t the Olympic trials, Carter, settle down.
• Lastly, Penner after winning immunity called it “maybe the best thing he did in his life.” I am sure his wife and kids love that one. Oh, and this was a sentence uttered by an Oscar nominee!

Votes – Kent 5 (Artis, Scoopin’, PBP, Abinormal, Blair), PBP 4 (Carter, Kent, Malcolm, Denise), Abinormal 1 (Penner)

Next week – Blair breaks down in tears. Interesting.

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