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Amazing Race 21 – Episode 6 – “Bangladesh Good. Not Bad”

Route Markers
• You know I like you guys, Apprentice, but lay off the smack talk on the other teams. You don’t need it.
• Ryan mixed bad Turkey jokes with jokes about never taking his wide screen TV for granted again.
• Hair James was a rock star in his career, and he was a rock star on this leg. He calmed Abba down and they got to work getting cash from the locals – despite it being an impoverished nation. I loved the one guy who said, “You’re in my country. You’re my guest. Bangladesh good. Not bad.” Awesome.
• Love how Magic Mike had to have a local explain to them that there isn’t much traffic in the early morning before rush hour. Only in Turkey, am I right? Sigh.
• Funny moment – Ryan tossing the Detour clue to the Twins. I still get the feeling that they like the Twins a lot more than the Twins like them.
• The clue being delivered in the box of Turkish delight made me think of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
• James on the massage – They took out my heart and showed it to me beating. HA!
• Loved the reaction from Y upon getting doused with cold water. Heh.
• Y on the Goats – “You see the Beekman Boys and you know you are fighting for last.” Ouch. And true.
• “No more nice Twins”?!!?! Hello, you stole cash!!
• Best Goats moment – getting out of the cab to direct traffic and clear the road to allow them to move on. Not sure if that mattered at all, but it was a great move.

DetourMassage – Hairs, Texas, Apprentice, Twins, Magic Mike. Bagels – Goats, Truckers.

Roadblock – Lexi, Ryan, Abba, Nat, Chip James, Brent, Kelley

Order of Finish – Texas (trip Down Under), Apprentice, Hairs, Twins, Magic Mike, Goats, and Truckers (ELIMINATED)

Next week – Moscow. Missed flights and lost belongings.

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