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The Amazing Race, Nov. 4 – Bad, Bad, Bad Karma

Josh and Brent reach the second restaurant, and the load gets even more lighter for Brent. They have the big delivery left. Monster Truck isn't too far behind. Lexi finishes serving, but now has to find her way back. Abba is begging as he's losing his costume, and Natalie is asking customers how they can say no, as she's working her ass off. Lexi makes her way back to Trey. Nadiya is happy for them, as she'd rather have them get number one than Abbie and Ryan. Trey and Lexi's clue tells them to make their way to the next pit stop, the ship Savarona.

James2 arrive at the fountain with James deciding to do it, as Ryan is finishing the task. Abbie tells him the Sri Lankans want Trey and Lexi to win just so that they won't. He says they can suck it. Abba finishes selling his sherbet, and he and James take off. Josh and Brent both carry the load of the last load of bagels, with Monster Truck right on their tail. They get to the clue to head to the fountain.

Natalie needs to sell three more things of sherbet. A local helps show James how to hold the teapot the right way. Monster Truck finishes their deliveries, not too far behind the Beekman Boys. Natalie makes her last sale, and she and her sister take off for the pit stop. James sees them fly by and knows he has to hurry up and sell his to try and close that gap.

Trey and Lexi are the first ones to arrive at the pit stop, and Phil pronounces them team number one, telling them they have won a trip for two to Australia. She knows they were due this first place and calls this day incredible. He remarks they're just Texas folk, never having been out of the country, but he thinks they proved a lot of people wrong. Abbie and Ryan are declared team number two.

The Beekman Boys arrive at the fountain, and Brent has a strong history in sales and more often than not sells their business, so he takes on this Roadblock. He says he may not be a Chippendale, but he can sell a costume. Monster Truck arrives, and when Kelley decides she'll do this one, Rob tells her she “better talk sweet to 'em.” Jaymes says when you see Monster Truck and Beekman Boys, you know you're at the back of the pack.

James struggles to make his sales to women and figures it must be the hat. Brent has just nineteen more to sell, and Kelley says she's sold quite a few of hers. Jams struggles with the task and keeps losing his plastic cups, with a stack of them getting kicked around on the ground. He sees Brent and Kelley selling and feels the heat. He finally finds some ladies who want some. Brent tells the locals he made the sherbet himself. James gets his forty finally, and he and Jaymes take off for the pit stop.

Rockers James and Abba reach the pit stop to be named team number three. Abba remarks that with him completely hobbled and with them being out of money as well, it could have been the end of the Race for them, but they're going to keep kicking and screaming until they throw dirt on them. The sisters arrive on the mat next to be named team number four. They mention not being the nice twins anymore. Were they ever?

Brent finishes selling his 40 lira of sherbet, and he and Josh take off. Rob witnesses this and sees that they're the last team left, and he hasn't even seen Kelley in awhile. She sells the last cup of sherbet and makes her way back. The Beekman Boys, meanwhile, are caught in traffic. They get out of their cab and start directing traffic to make their way through. They tell a van blocking traffic to get going as they're having an emergency.

James2 arrive at the pit stop to be named team number five, and they celebrate wildly. Brent knows he and Josh will probably be in a pit race with Rob and Kelley, and if they don't beat them, they'll know they gave it everything they could. Rob yells at his driver that they have to beat the team in front of them, otherwise they will go home. Interestingly it's not so important to not be with the rest of the pack at the moment. Also interesting, Kelley is still wearing her Aladdin hat.

The next team to make it on the mat is indeed the Beekman Boys, Josh and Brent. They are team number six and are so happy, as am I. Brent tells Phil that they even took time to eat the ice cream. Yeah, twice. Brent remarks that people told them they couldn't have a farm and they they couldn't save their town, but they did both. They don't quit.

Monster Truck team Rob and Kelley arrive on Phil's mat and are indeed the last to arrive and eliminated from the Race. She cries, as Phil tells Rob he can tell he's a man with deep sensitivity. He explains to Phil that without Kelley he's nothing. Phil might think he's a big strong bold guy, but he's so blessed to have her in his life and have her love him. It's worth way more than a million dollars. He dances again to the locals' music.

The crucial mistake made by Rob and Kelley was his insistence on doing their own thing, willing to even be in last place just so as not to follow anyone else. You can't do that here unless you have a really good shot at being in the lead. The Beekman Boys knew that, and that's why they gambled on the cab.

It still bothers me, though, that the Sisters picked up the Rockers money' and kept it. If anything, just leave the money there and don't tell them. They're still without money no matter what, but this way you're not profiting off it. I can be the most competitive person out there, yet I would still probably tell them they dropped their cash. I'd feel bad if I didn't. Either way, I would have never kept it. And I definitely wouldn't have accepted a share of it as Trey and Lexi did. It's bad karma.

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