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The Amazing Race, Nov. 4 – Bad, Bad, Bad Karma

The Rockers reach the Uskadar Terminal and get a clue to make their way by taxi to the Misir Carsisi Bazaar to search for shop number fourteen. Abba ties up his leg a little. The next teams arrive and see the Rockers there. The other teams find the clue, and everyone rushes to hit the cabs. James 2 get to the ferry and realize everyone but them and Monster Truck have already passed. Rob and Kelley are still on the train, intent on riding it to the end. She knows this could make them very last or it could be very good.

The Rockers start their search in the bazaar for the shop with the other teams catching up to them. Trey and Lexi and the Rockers pass the Speed Bump and find Number 14. They are shown some gold along with a clue, a Detour – Simit or Scrub It. In Simit, the teams will transport bagels called simit to three separate addresses and figure out how to stack them them, then balance the cargo on their heads. and make the deliveries. In Scrub It, the teams will be lavished by picking up bathing items, heading to a bath house, choosing a bath attendant, and getting cleansed like never before. These two teams decide to Scrub It.

The sisters are the next to arrive, followed by Abbie and Ryan. They both decide to Scrub It. The Beekman Boys hit the Speed Bump and will have to find a marked vendor, get Turkish ice cream and eat it, then continue on the Race. They pass the vendor and the flag and go to the wrong vendor and place their order. The guy plays with them throwing the ice cream all over, then teasing them with it. Brent calls it lewd things to be done with the cones.

James2's ferry arrives and they hop in a taxi on the way to the bazaar. Monster Truck finally get to the end of the train ride and reach the ferry. Josh and Brent finish their ice cream and show the vendor that they finished it all. They head back to the Speed Bump and are told they didn't pass the exam. They realize they didn't go to the right vendor.

Trey and Lexi are the first to find the bath house, followed by the other teams. They all choose their bath attendants and get started. Rocker James is looking forward to soap on a rope. Trey thinks they're probably washing off the last two legs of Bangladesh. Ryan wonders if the way he's being scrubbed is even legal, then remarks that Abbie won't even touch him this way. He wants the bath attendant's number. Rocker James hasn't had this done since he was 5.

Rob and Kelley get off the ferry and find the clue and hit a taxi. Josh and Brent find the right ice cream vendor and have to play all over again with the cones and ice cream. Brent begs for the cold treat, then remarks the second cone isn't quite as good as the first. They finally get the Detour clue and decide to do Simit, figuring the more physical the quicker.

James2 get the Detour and decide to Scrub It, feeling they need it after Bangladesh. The Beekmans start stacking their bagels. Brent decides he could do them all on his head while Josh asks for clues as they walk and make their deliveries. Josh tells him he has a nice flat head with not a lot of brain there. They have no idea what the local is saying for directions, and as they wander around, Brent mentions his arms are tiring.

Monster Truck reaches the Detour and decide to do Simit as well. The other teams are getting their deep tissue message, and Rocker James says he could feel his heart beating as if it was telling him he was going too slow. Trey and Lexi finish first and get a clue telling them to make their way on foot to Kapali Carsi to look for the marked fountain inside the bazaar. The other teams start finishing as well.

James2 arrive and ask Ryan as he's leaving how many are still there. He tells them the Sisters are still finishing up. Natalie and Nadiya are receiving their clue as James2 are getting started. They remark about how cold the water is. Jaymes appreciates getting all of Bangladesh off of him.

The Beekman Boys work on their first delivery. Brent's neck is starting to hurt him as he asks Josh if he has any clue where they're even going. Too bad they can't do Scrub It after this one. The locals laugh at Brent as they give directions. Rob and Kelley are arriving at the bakery, and Rob takes time to dance to the music, then balances all the bagels on his head. The Beekmans are still struggling to make their first delivery. They finally find someone who speaks English to help them out.

Abbie/Ryan and Trey/Lexi are the first two teams to reach the fountain. They find a Roadblock that will require one member of each team to carry a long-spouted teapot and serve forty glasses of what they call sherbet, and once they make forty lira, they'll get the next clue. Lexi and Ryan decide to do the task and have to get dressed in a costume that makes them look like they should be holding cymbals and following around Aladdin. The Rockers arrive, and Abba says he wants some. He ends up doing the Roadblock as well, so maybe he'll get his chance. Ryan drops part of his teapot repeatedly and calls the task brutal.

Chippendale James remarks that the bathroom attendant is giving him the business, and he doesn't want to scream out, making it a battle of wills. Jaymes talks about how much the attendants laugh as they get hit with the cold water. The Chippendales feel they look fresh.

The Beekman Boys get to the first restaurant to make their delivery. They pass Monster Truck who have almost caught up to them. The Sisters reach the fountain and Nadiya decides Natalie should be the one to “pour their heart out,” as she's single. She tells her to get her sexy on. Ryan has 14 lira, and Lexi has 22, saying she's a cheerleader, so is used to being upbeat to attract a crowd. She was being loud and obnoxious as she usually is. Isn't it time to quit calling yourself la cheerleader once you're out of school? Ryan asks one local to help him sell to his friends and agrees to pay him some of his proceeds. Abba is working through this, as is Natalie.