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The Amazing Race, Nov. 4 – Bad, Bad, Bad Karma

It was a great relief to see Josh and Brent, AKA The Beekman Boys, saved last week by the non-elimination. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving team. However, they have a lot of work ahead of them to now fight back. They have time and an extra task against them, but will be traveling to Istanbul, so hopefully they'll have a time equalizer of a flight ahead of them as well to make up a little ground.

The first team to leave from Bangladesh are Rockers James and Abba at 8:30 AM. Their clue tells them to fly to Istanbul, then make their way to the Kabatas Ferry Terminal to find their next clue. They have $100 for this leg of the Race. As they head to a travel agency, Abba discusses the problems he's having with both his knees, saying he's in pain. There's no quit and no surrender in him though, as he says he will have to cut them off before they cause him to stop.

Abbie and Ryan leave at 11:04 AM and head to the same travel agency. They talk about how crowded and hot they found Bangladesh and warn that “next time you're at home and your Samsung 52″ starts to go fuzzy on you, don't bitch about it,” obviously realizing there are more important heady issues out there.

Sisters Natalie and Nadiya leave more than an hour later at 12:10 PM. They talk about the two teams ahead of them and mention that while Abbie and Ryan are competitive, Ryan rubs people the wrong way. They have no animosity, but find that the other team are just “two weirdos.” Right, no animosity.

Monster Truck team Rob and Kelley leave at 12:31 PM, and Rob denies the first cab that offers them a ride, plucking one out that he sees parked, asking whose cab it is. He recognizes that people don't know him. He uses his cockiness and aggressiveness to make himself overcome any obstacles that might be put in front of him. Rob doesn't get drive form other people; he makes his own drive.

James and Abba are somehow at the travel agency at the same time as the Sisters and Abbie and Ryan. There is only one fight, and it will get into Istanbul at 6:25 AM. Ryan complains about the two most annoying teams, the Rockers and the Twisted Sisters, all with hair the same length. He's tired of them and just wants to get them out of the Race.

Trey and Lexi leave at 12:53 PM, and Jaymes and James leave at 1:30 PM. Rob and Kelley arrive at the travel agency and run into Abbie and Ryan leaving and the teach give each other warm embraces. Abbie mentions how the other three teams are scheming up there, but it doesn't seem to bother Ryan who believes if you put those six people together you get about six brain cells. Trey and Lexi arrive to join the party as well.

Beekman Boys Josh and Brent are the last to leave at 3:04 PM. They know they're starting hours behind the others, plus have a Speed Bump, so they recognize that they have a lot of obstacles in front of them. They're not quitters, though, and when they lost their jobs and had to save their farm, they just buckled down and did it. They're happy to leave Bangladesh, despite it being a fun country with great people.

The other teams are still holed up in the travel agency all fighting for time on the one empty computer. The Sisters see a wad of American money sitting there and start to ask whose it is, then decide not to say anything, knowing it belongs to the Rockers. They laugh about it with Trey and Lexi, who wonders if this will be a game-changer for them. Natalie has a good conscience, but the closer they get to the finish line, the drive gets stronger. She knows Lexi is on the same page as she and Nadiya, but Trey needed some convincing to not say anything. I'm a little lost how this equals a good conscience.

Abba starts looking for the money, and seeing the zipper open, thinks it fell out in the cab. James tells them there's nothing they can do about it now. They know it's bad to beg in a place like this where there is so much poverty, so they head to a business district hoping to get to some people that actually have money.

At the airport, the Sisters laugh about feeling guilty, so split the money with Trey and Lexi, saying they're Christians, so maybe they'll pray for them. They know it has to be the Rockers' money. James and Abba get some money from a woman on the street, then get more and more from the locals. Abba can't even begin to express his gratitude as they end up making all that money back that they needed to move on in the Race. They don't want the other teams to know they lost their money, as they don't want them to see their weakness.

All the teams get on that same flight and reach Istanbul the next morning. The Rockers are the first to find a cab and want to stay in the lead. Rob/Kelley and James2 take the subway instead of cabbing it. Josh and Brent opt for the cabs, saying that it's faster as long as there's no traffic, and they need to take the fastest way possible because of the Speed Bump ahead.

The Rockers get to the ferry first and find a clue that welcomes them to Europe, then tells them to take a ferry back to Asia. The city is the only one in the world that is split between two continents. Once ferried back to Asia, they will search the Uskadar Terminal for the next clue. The Rockers hit their ferry by themselves, feeling like it's a charter and they're back on tour.

The Sisters are the next to arrive, followed by Abbie and Ryan. Trey and Lexi follow with the Beekman Boys right behind. These teams all hit the next boat. The Sisters say they feel bad for the Chippendales and Monster Truck. The locals are telling the two teams on the train that there isn't much traffic at this time and they'll be making lots of stops in the train. James2 decide to get off the train and hit a cab. Monster Truck is wondering if they know something they don't. Rob figures they just want to group together with everyone else, because they're followers. He feels this could be the leg that gets them the win.