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Amazing Race 21 – Episode 5 – Bamboo In The Face Is Always Funny

Because of the delay in posting – I’m just going to do a very large Route Markers section with some thoughts from start to finish of the ep.
• Hair James gets some bad news from home – dad has Stage 4 cancer. Having once received that very news – albeit not from a Pit Stop in Bangladesh – it sucks, and I wish him well. Hairs just rose in my personal like list. Also, they had a great leg this week – one free of bunching – and advanced to their second consecutive win.
• Man, this country is CROW-DED! And hot. There were just endless photos of Racers sweating non-stop. Poor Abbie just sweated through her shirt during the Roadblock – and the others were not free from the same fate. Magic Mike almost died. Well, not really – but they got really dehydrated.
• Apprentice left two hours behind the Hairs – that’s how much of a lead the Fast Forward gave them. Ryan wanted to break the leg win record held by Dave/Rachel. Meh. Lame record – Team Army Wife didn’t have a lot of strong opponents. They were a good team, but wouldn’t even crack my Top 3 of all-time teams. Regardless, Apprentice should just focus on being the first team to ever win $2 million, no matter how they get there.
• Loved (not loved) how the Twins said they were the last “girl-girl” team and then proceeded to explain to us what a girl-girl team is. Because, you know, we can’t figure out genders.
Roadblock – Build an ancient Bangladeshi scale – exactly correct – and then balance the weight of a pile of wood with stones. A combination of the physically grueling challenge with the attention-to-detail challenge. Hair James explains that he was no boy scout in the 80s. I can only imagine.
• Twins tell the cab driver that they have to beat Apprentice (the Goras) – but that’s not derogatory. Hmm, I don’t believe them.
• Loved when Hair James figured out his rope problem he scolded the bystander for being a troublemaker and the dude just shrugged. I love when the locals get involved.
• Abbie, I love you guys, but commenting on the smells of the Third World locations is the gateway drug to the ugly American behaviors the Blondes showed. So…watch it. Ok?
• Goats and Truckers leave more than three hours behind the Hairs. Magic Mike three and a half hours.
DetourStraw Dogs or Bamboo Jungle – In Straw, you have to make an eco-friendly bag by taking a pile of straw, slamming it against some giant nails, then wrapping them up properly and following the straw to the end of the assembly line. There they get a photo woven into a bag for the Pit Stop. In Bamboo, they have to go collect bamboo rods for scaffolding – 40 poles of varying sizes, load them on a rickshaw and bring them across the marketplace to the construction site.
• Ryan and Abbie seem to keep trying to hang with the Twins, but the girls seem to block them. I don’t get it the animosity. Ryan joked with Nat by shouting “Brownie” and “Twinnie” which was funny because, well, they never stop yelling that out. Abbie tried to bond with Nadiyaa by asking if she ever did this before. Nad took it seriously and scoffed. But Abbie was not seriously asking, it was more like we all do in ridiculous situations by turning to the person next to us and saying, “Boy, can you believe this? Ever do this before?”
• Texas left about four hours behind Hairs. They had no chance to win the leg; their only target was to make up the 25 minutes they needed to avoid last.
• Goats were hopelessly lost getting out of the gate, and it never got better for them. They even wound up wandering looking for English speakers deep in the heart of the Third World. Not a good sign.
• The Twins commented to locals about being from Sri Lanka. I keep getting lost, aren’t they from Jersey or something?
• Hairs on the bamboo – “Are they really that long?” Hmm…perhaps some Megadeath groupies could answer that.
• Sucks to be an innocent bystander in Bangladesh as Racers repeatedly smack them with bamboo poles. I mean, isn’t it bad enough to be somewhere with no floors and roads? Although for the Twins route to the checkpoint it was like a slapstick movie. Attention casting directors – I Love Lucy-style sitcom starring the Twinnies.
• Y to crowd – “Y’all can cheer if you want.” Heh.
• Smart Rob – get Kelley to wear her scarf over her head to help with the heat.
• Did Ryan say something about people in heat? Is the Race going to go THAT way?
• Lexi seems obsessed with Trey’s muscles – well, it sure isn’t his gifts of discourse.
• Lexi to Trey – “Don’t hurt yourself, that’s not what we need right now.” Tell me, Lexi – when do you need that?
• Who I felt bad with? Brent his scale struggles, and Magic Mike after dropping three rods had to go back to get them despite the extreme heat.
• Best part – Lexi hitting Rob in the face with a bamboo rod. No offense, Rob, but man that was funny.
• One thing I kept thinking of during the bamboo challenge – PIVOT, PIVOT!
• Chip James – Never surrender, never (no) surrender.
• Upon arriving in last, Josh, “I’d fall down and die next to you if I had to.” Aww, nice sentiment. Although, that would be the worst challenge to ever have to do.

Roadblock – Scale building. Hair James, Abbie, Nadiyaa, Kelley, Y, Brent, Trey

DetourStraw – Apprentice. Bamboo – Hairs, Twins, Magic Mike, Texas, Truckers, Goats

Order of Finish – Hairs (Trip to Malaysia), Apprentice, Twins, Truckers, Texas, Magic Mike, and Goats (NON-ELIMINATION). Say hello to a Speed Bump, boys.

Next week – Istanbul, not Constantinople.

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