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captainD's Boot Prediction – Survivor Palau, Episode 2

Well, after week one of Survivor: Palau it seems that yours truly is back in old form. As expected, Wanda and Jonathan became the two outcasts and a strong-willed Jolanda was stupidly the first person voted out of the game. Ratings are up and the cast is the best in recent memory. Let’s hope the luck can continue!

The focus of this weeks episode will be centered around the morons of Ulong as they try to recover after voting out one of their strongest members. Things start out good for Ulong as they win reward mainly because Koror was too tired to compete after searching for their fire all day. A very physical immunity challenge will leave James in pain and will make Koror back-to-back immunity winners. At tribal council, it would appear that Angie is the frontrunner to get the boot. However, because of the relationship forming between Jeff and Kim, my guess is that one of them is the primary target. The 2’nd boot will be JEFF WILSON.

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