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The Amazing Race, Oct. 28 – What a Partnership Is All About

The sisters are still tying up their bamboo as a local starts dancing in front of them. Nadiya joins him for a bit. They can't even pedal this weight on the rickshaw as it's broken. They have to both push. James2 are tying up their bamboo and know they have to catch up. They admit to budgeting on the Race, so they hardly eat and are getting weaker by the minute.

Trey and Lexie are still carrying bamboo. He is so blown away by his girlfriend. He thinks she's the toughest girl he knows. Rob and Kelley are tying their bamboo togehter, as he once again compares it to monster trucks.

Brent finally gets his scale and weights approved, and getting the Detour, Josh realizes his partner is so tired and exhausted, and he knows he himself can do the bulk of the Straw Dogs, so they choose that option.

The sisters are literally pushing the rickshaw through deep sand. They reach their destination and get their clue. Kelley starts driving their rickshaw as James2 realizes they have a mistake somewhere and start rebuilding their bundles. They get their bamboo mixed up with Trey and Lexi's, but get it straightened out. They don't want to have to go all the way back there.

Kelley has a hard time steering the rickshaw and gets it stuck. Josh and Brent arrive and decide to do the Bamboo as well. Brent says they may be in last place, but they aren't quitters. Rob and Kelley reach their destination and get the clue to the pit stop. James2 finally take off, and know they're okay as the Beekmans just got there. However, they leave three bamboo poles behind.

A baby goat leads the Beekmans right to the bamboo they need. Trey and Lexie realize James2 forgot three of their poles as they take off. Lexie is driving the rickshaw, saying she's not even good at riding a bike, so she doesn't know why she's doing this.

The sisters arrive on Phil's mat to be named team number three and are disappointed, wanting to be team number one. He introduces them to the local woman manning the mat with him, and Nadiya says they're from Sri Lanka, making them sisters from another mother.

James2 push and pull the rickshaw through the sand and are told they are missing some. Jaymes collapses on the ground and doesn't know how he can keep going. James can't believe he forgot to reload those three pieces of bamboo. They agree to never surrender and start their way back.

The Beekman Boys are carrying the bamboo slowly but surely, saying they are just powering it through. Josh keeps checking with Brent to make sure he's doing okay. Josh thinks there's a chance they might be able to catch up. Trey and Lexi get their bamboo delivered and passed. They get the clue to head to the pit stop. Rob and Kelley come running into the pit stop to be named team number four and are thrilled.

Josh explains they are not quitters. When they lost their jobs and had to save their farm, they just buckled down. They don't quit, no matter what anybody says. James2 pick up the three forgotten poles and promise to make it back with the delivery, even if they have to crawl back. Trey and Lexie run into the pit stop to be named team number five.

The Beekman Boys get their bamboo loaded and take off to deliver it. James2 deliver the bamboo again and get rounding applause and lots of followers for making it back a second time. They get the clue to the pit stop and say that they got to do heavy lifting, but they forgot to use their brains all day.

Josh is pedaling the rickshaw while Brent walks alongside. He tells his partner that he could probably be a rickshaw driver. James2 run to the pit stop and Jaymes takes a big spill. They are told they are team number six and celebrate. They feel they were put through the ringer, but Jaymes issues a warning to whoever is listening to not count them out.

The Beekmans make it in to deliver their bamboo. It's been one of the toughest days of their lives. The know they are in last place, and it's never a great thing, but they just don't quit. They get the clue to the pit stop, and also pick up an entourage of young locals, getting them to chant “The Beekman Boys. The Beekman Boys.”

Josh and Brent run to the pit stop and are the last team to arrive. However, it's a non-elimination leg … finally. Phil thinks Josh isn't so pleased to hear that, but Josh promises to run the Race just as hard tomorrow as they did today, if not harder. Brent says Josh gave it his all, and that's what their partnership is all about, being there for each other. He pulled those last ten bamboo poles up to the top of the hill when Brent just couldn't do it anymore. Josh says the greatest motivator for him is when Brent just can't do something and needs help. He'd fall down and die next to him if he had to. Brent says that's why they've been together fourteen years even though they bicker.

I usually make it a point to not get political here, but this just has to be said. Anyone who thinks gays shouldn't get married should see these two. That's what a relationship is all about. It's not about a man and a woman. It's about being there for each other and being willing to fall down and die for the other. I am so glad it was them who won this first non-elimnation.

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