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The Amazing Race, Oct. 28 – What a Partnership Is All About

Trey and Lexi are the last to depart at 11:34 AM. Se knows they have a lot of ground to make up. Josh and Brent are still struggling, and Brent says they have to make a decision and can't just stand around like idiots.

James and Abba arrive at the Bamboo Jungle task and start collecting their bamboo poles after struggling to find the right ones. Ryan is cheering on Abbie and congratulates her for “dominating” the task which Natalie takes exception to. She gets a little local boy to cheer on Twinnie with her. She finds it comfortable here, as the people look like the ones who live down the street from them in Sri Lanka.

Ryan watches Abbie adjusting her scale teepee and realizes he should have probably done this one. Nadiya gets her scale passed and starts loading on sticks and stones. Abbie's structure isn't passed, and she knows she needs to fix her ropes.

James2 find the vendor in the market and get the next clue. Monster Truck arrives just after them and take off as well. Trey and Lexi catch up to the Beekman Boys who are catching a cab. James and Abba are carrying the bamboo and moving along quickly. They are worried about heat exhaustion, saying the heat and humidity here just sucks the energy right out of you. They know they need to slow down just a little. They have to transport some really long bamboo.

Rob and Kelley reach the Roadblock before James2. Kelley starts building alongside the other women. Nadiya gets her scale and weights passed, and getting the Detour, she and her sister decide to do the Bamboo.

James2 arrive and James suggests Jaymes do the task. Abbie finally gets her scale approved and starts her balance. Rob, like Ryan, is wishing he would have done the Roadblock. Abbie checks her weights, but is told it's too low. Josh and Brent arrive at the market and get the clue, followed by Trey and Lexie.

James and Abba start transporting their bamboo through the busy streets of Bangladesh. Abbie finally gets her scale passed, and she and Ryan decide to do Straw Dogs. The Beekman Boys arrive at the Roadblock with Brent deciding he will build the scale. Trey and Lexi arrive, and Trey decides he will do it. Brent is confident, as they build things from scratch on the farm all the time. Kelley gets overheated, but says at their Monster Truck shows, they still have to perform when they're sick.

Jaymes asks the crowd if they're enjoying watching a “stupid white boy” do the task. As Josh issues suggestions to Brent, he hears back, “Shut up please, Brent.” Everyone gets a good laugh, and Lexie says it's true love coming out of this Race. Brent tells her when she and Trey have been together fourteen years, she'll know. Jaymes gets his scale built, admitting his dad is a carpenter. He gets the weights on quickly, and he and James decide to do Bamboo Jungle, saying they've been waiting to lift heavy things. Surely they're thinking it will be a task they can excel in.

The sisters arrive at Bamboo Jungle and start moving the bamboo. James and Abba deliver their bamboo, hoping it's right. It is, and they get their next clue. They must figure out that the image stenciled on their clue is Lok Shilpa Jadughar, the pit stop for this leg of the Race. Their cabdriver says he knows where it is.

The sisters are struggling to move the bamboo poles. They're so long and heavy that they're running into things. They admit that it's much harder than they thought it would be. Abbie and Ryan arrive at Straw Dogs, and Ryan can't believe the heat that these people are working in. He recognizes how good they have it back at home. They start whipping the jute as Ryan cracks they needs “pure jute force” to do the work.

Trey finishes his scale and starts balancing the weights. Brent doesn't have his scale quite right and has it rejected, while Kelley gets hers passed and starts balancing the sticks and stones. Trey finishes and gets the Detour clue, as he and Lexi decide to do Bamboo Jungle. Kelley finishes as well, apologizing to Rob, and they decide to do Bamboo Jungle. Josh knows Brent is working as hard as he can, and he knows he's going to be frustrated, but also knows it might make them come in last place.

James and Abba reach the pit stop and are team number one once again. As the winners of this leg of the Race, they are winning a trip to Malaysia's tropical rainforest. Phil asks about the emotional Race, and James mentions his dad was a laborer, and all he kept thinking on the course today was that his dad never gave up. He hopes he's proud. Abba tells him of course he is. Phil asks if he thought about going home today, and James tells him the best thing he could have heard was his family telling him to keep on going. That's what they're going to do.

Abbie and Ryan are still beating their straw, then are told it's not good enough. James2 arrive at the bamboo. They see the girls already into it, and decide they can catch up. This type of task is what they've been waiting for. Trey and Lexi arrive and start gathering the bamboo as well.

Brent is still working on his scale and is denied again. He is frustrated to not know what the scale judge wants, feeling he is used to constructing things on the farm. The sisters are tying up all their bamboo, and Nadiya's blister pops, as she calls it digusting. James2 stop for a quick water break and carry on. Trey and Lexi struggle carrying the bamboo. Rob and Kelley arrive, and while he lifts a bunch of heavy bamboo, she tries to balance it in the back. He admits the Monster Truck tires weigh 750 pounds, and they put them on the truck with their bare hands. So he's just putting as much on his shoulders that he can.

Trey and Lexi finally get their straw beaten enough and carry it to the mill. They pick up a bag at the end with their clue printed on it. Josh is denied once again and is feeling so exhausted he can't think straight. For Josh, it's frightening to see his partner in medical distress. At this point, it's not about the Race or game, it's about making sure he's safe.

Abbie and Ryan arrive on Phil's mat and are named team number two. Phil realizes Ryan doesn't look happy, and he says it's because he wanted to take the record for most legs won. He apologizes to Abbie for putting all that pressure on her.