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The Amazing Race, Oct. 28 – What a Partnership Is All About

They haven't done a non-elimination yet on this season of The Amazing Race, and it leaves me on the edge of my seat just waiting for it. While they do change it up all the time, for at least the past handful or so of seasons, in the first few weeks they have been having either a non-elimination leg or one where the leg isn't over by the time the racers see Phil Keoghan.. We haven't seen either of those situations yet. Will we finally get one tonight?

While James and Abba were the first team to arrive at the pit stop, James opens this week's show two hours before he and Abba are due to leave the pit stop mentioning that before they left for the Race his dad was getting tests. He's had cancer for a number of years. James gets to chat with his wife who tells him that his dad's cancer is indeed stage 4 with no chance for remission. They have a good cry together. He then says it's good motivation for the Race. It was just fun and games before, and still is, but there will be a place in his heart where he's going to have a little more push.

James and Abba end up leaving the pit stop at 7:39 AM. Their clue tells them to make their way to the Jatrabari Market to find a vendor selling eggplant to get their next clue. They can't believe how crowded it is here in Bangladesh. They find a cab stand and start for the market. They want to keep their lead and hope to never see another team again. The “Long Hairs” find the vendor and receive another clue telling them to make their way to Ferry Ghat Road under a bridge to get their next clue.

Abbie and Ryan leave over two hours later at 9:41 AM. He mentions they want to be known as the strongest team to ever compete in the Race. He really wants the record of the most legs won that Rachel and Dave just earned with eight won legs. They've won two, so need to get going with this.

Sisters Natalie and Nadiya leave one minute later. They're the only all female team left and recognize that they're the only team without a powerhouse man or two men on it. They're not just hanging with them; they're beating them. It feels amazing, and they don't believe they're going anywhere.

James and Abba make it to the cluebox under the bridge and find a Roadblock. Hearing that it's a “heavy” task, James offers to take it on, as Abba was having problems with his knees after the last leg. One member from each team must use sticks and ropes to construct a rudimentary scale, then balance sticks on one side and stones on the other. Once it's in balance, they'll receive the next clue.

Forty years ago James was a Boy Scout and is trying to utilize those old lessons, despite the fact that throughout the 80s he promises he was no Boy Scout. Abba knows James is pretty good with the mechanical things. He doesn't get approved the first time out and observing the sample figures it has something to do with the type of ropes he used but can't figure out where to find the correct ropes.

The Sisters and Abbie/Ryan are arranging taxis at the same time. Natalie and Nadiya are saying they need to beat the “goras,” which they admit means “the white people.” They say it's not derogatory; it's just the color white. Sure, the word might not be derogatory, but the thought sure seems to be.

James finally finds the thinner ropes he was looking for and dresses down the local sitting there, telling him he could have told him those ropes were there. The other two teams are arriving at the market and start searching for the vendor. The sisters are the first to find him, followed by Abbie and Ryan.

Josh and Brent are the fourth team to leave at 10:53 AM. Josh mentions that he and Brent have been together for fourteen years. He likes to say together for ten and apart for four, as he still works in the city five days a week, then comes home for the weekends. Brent lives at the farm full time. It's become comfortable for them, and he knows that's not a good thing.

Rob and Kelley leave at 10:59 AM, and he says Kelley is playing a huge part in the Race. She's so quiet and reserved, but her competitiveness is amazing. She is a professional barrel racer at the rodeo and works really hard to be a winner. She'd rather come in under the radar, then take the money and go home.

Jaymes and James leave at 11:10 AM. James finally gets his scale approved and starts trying to create a balance. He says it's so close he can taste it. He gets it approved and they receive their next clue, a Detour – Straw Dogs or Bamboo Jungles.

In Straw Dogs, teams will whip unprocessed jute on a bed of giant nails to untangle the fibers. After twenty bales of this, they need to transfer it to the machines that will manufacture it into bags. At the end of the production line, they'll get the next clue. In Bamboo Jungle, teams will collect bamboo poles of various lengths and load them onto a rickshaw, then deliver them to a construction site. The Long Hairs decide to do bamboo.

Josh and Brent look for a cab while Abbie and Ryan are the next to arrive at the Roadblock. They decide it's not that heavy and that Abbie can do it, despite the fact she admits to not knowing what she's doing. Natalie and Nadiya arrive, and Nadiya decides to do it. Ryan is getting irritated with them again and starts shouting, “Go for the Brownies. Twinnies!” The sisters decide he's a tool. Abbie asks Nadiya if she's built a scale before, and she cracks that she has a “bloody third-world scale in the back of my garden” and that she ties her sister together.

Josh and Brent are still searching for a taxi stand and hope the Monster Truck team is having troubles as well. In fact they are, until they see James2 grab a cab. They hop in a cab as well and tell the driver to follow the other taxi.