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Amazing Race 21 – Ep 4 – C’Mon Twinnie!! Long, Strong and Hard!

Roadblock – Repair a bus. You had to spackle the side of a bus, then sand it down, then haul a few seats to the repair station for refurbishing. Lots of “playing with my putty” jokes here. We are treated to many “Twinnie” and “Brownie” yells. These “Brownies” are not doing a heck of a job, at least to my ears. Magic Mike James cannot lift the lid of the spackle. The Hairs are the fourth team to arrive and make a bit of a gamble to go for the Fast Forward – unless they were told that no one else was going for it, why did they try? They had no idea how many teams arrived (unless the Show has stopped including extra clues in the clue box to throw them off).

Most of them struggled with the putty part of the task. Rob and Nat succeed rather well. Twinnies are annoying, but they are efficient.
Random Task – Go to the market and dig through a barrel of dried fish for a Race colored fish. Um, ok. And, that’s gross. Is there anything they could do that isn’t gross?

Detour – Pound of Metal or Pound of Cotton. Metal – take turns in smashing an iron rod with a sledgehammer to make a sharp iron rod. They have to shovel coal into the fire when needed. And Cotton – smash a pile of cotton with bamboo rods to separate it, then stuff it into a mattress and sew it together. > You must use all the cotton. That’s a bold strategy, Cotton

The tasks were kind of ho hum, especially the iron part. The mattress task was fun to watch. I am curious though if Lexi actually did anything, she seemed to just be standing around.

The end of the ep featured a convoluted boat trip to the Pit Stop. I must admit, I was a bit confused. I think it dealt with taking a cab to the docks, taking a boat to another boat and then the Pit Stop. Needless to say, some were confused. Rob was rude. Goats lied to Texas. Trey lied to Fantasy Island. Whatever.

Route Markers
• Not even going to try to pronounce some of those places – although the automotive shop in Bangladesh sounded a whole lot like Moogly Moogly Autos. Or Mogo Mogo Autos – which I think was a Survivor tribe at one point in time.
• I am ignoring the Fantasy Island/Truckers U-Turn drama. A) because FI is out of the Race now, and B) because I despise U-Turn drama. Although I think History Channel needs to find a way to create a show called Fantasy Island Truckers.
• I give Truckers credit for going to the taxi stand in the airport to land a ride instead of shouting “TAXI” on the side of the road. Smart.
• Apprentice had a lot of good moments here – Ryan, “It’s very third world, there are all dudes” and Abbie’s passive-aggressive “Yaaay! Aggressive Driving.” But my favorite one was the Third World Grand Theft Auto reference – which is new on the Wii for Christmas.
• Magic Mike James – “It’s a symphony of car horns.” Worst night at the Kennedy Center. Ever.
• Goats wonder if the Bangladeshi goats speak the same language as their goats. Funny. Although, I wonder if goat herders from other countries would be able to herd other goats. > Now, if they only knew the goat code, they could get them to do whatever they wanted. We only know the sheep code thanks to a nice little pig.
• Lexi thinks gas is frustrating. I feel that way every time I go to the County Fair and eat turkey legs and fried Oreos.
• Abbie thinks things are “funky monkey.” > I know what I thought of, what about you?
• Hair James – “Hi, I’m here to clean up your city.” HA! You’d need an army of Hairs for that. > Although, you may just need a Hulk.
• Good example of alliance building. Ryan sweated so much he obliterated his clue – so he and Magic Mike traded the clue for help on finishing the task. Amazing Race alliances are only good for these things – small bursts of teamwork during travel and tasks. Nothing more, nothing less. Abbie even helped calm down James as he began to panic.
> The New City Restaurant! Brings me back home!
• Why, oh why are the Twins chanting “long, strong and hard?” What is the context where that works that isn’t sexual?
• Oh wait, her nickname is not “Tweetie,” it’s Twinnie. I get it now. Now please stop.
• Brent wants Josh to “sand for your life.” In what bizarre Hunger Games kind of world would one have to sand for their life. And, Lexi to Trey – “sand like you’ve never sanded before.” I suggest using your feet, while wearing a chicken suit as you sing “Call Me Maybe” in Swedish.
• Has anyone spoken less on the Amazing Race than Trey? Teams which were eliminated on the first leg have spoken more than him.
• Hair James upon stepping in a big pile of raw sewage, “There goes my hepatitis!” More importantly…you can step in raw sewage in the streets in this country.
• Texas’ cab driver pours Sprite on the engine to cool it down. Mountain Dew would have been spit right back out at him.
• Listen up Rob – I gave the Blondes serious crap last week (probably too much) for being the ugly Americans. In that vein, STOP YELLING AT PEOPLE FOR NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH!
• Magic Mike is really growing on me, surprisingly. Loved them shouting out to the Bangladeshi kids in the filthy water.
• Oh, and I buried the lead. Josh was a drag queen named Aquadesiac. Awesome.

Roadblock – Fixing buses. Ryan, Nat, Magic Mike James, Rob, Josh, Trey, Gary

Fast Forward – Collecting rats. The Hairs.

DetourCotton – Apprentice, Goats, Magic Mike, Fantasy Island. Metal – Truckers, Twins and Texas.

Order of Finish – Hairs (trip to Antiga), Apprentice, Twins, Goats, Truckers, Magic Mike, Texas, and Fantasy Island (ELIMINATED)

Next week – The Goats and Magic Mike have some heat issues.

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