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The Amazing Race, Oct. 21 – The Physically Demanding Race

Abbie and Ryan arrive at the river and hop on a boat, hoping no other teams roll up. But here come the Sisters, hopping on as well. Rob and Kelley are still searching for a taxi. They finally get one. James2 is wondering why they chose a sewing task. He says if you get a mattress made in Bangladesh, make sure it doesn't say “Made by Jaymes and James.” Josh and Brent are sewing as well, with Brent noting Josh sewed a lot of his own costumes when he was a drag queen. James2 ask what is drag queen name was, and he says, “Aqua-Disiac,” so “someone is sleeping on an Aqua-Disiac mattress.” They finish and get the clue, but James2 have too much fluff left.

Trey is pounding out the metal, and Lexi sees Gary and Will walk by on the way to Cotton. She figures they skipped Pound the Metal, afraid of Trey's muscles. They start pounding out the lumps as James2 is fixing up their mattress.

Abbie and Ryan aren't happy about being on the riverboat with the another team. The Sisters know it will be a footrace between them and the craziest team there, who they recognize as being in crazy good shape. They know they'll need to sprint like hell. They hit land and all sprint like hell. The first team to make it to Phil's mat are Trey and Lexi, with the Sisters right behind, to be named teams two and three.

Rob and Kelley arrive at the river and hop on a boat. Josh and Brent arrive as well and also hop on a boat. But they seem to be taking not the riverboat, but separately-operated rowboats. Is this okay clue-wise or will they get docked some time by Phil or asked to go back and arrive the correct way?

Trey finishes pounding the metal and they get the next clue as James2 finish their mattress and get the next clue. Will and Gary are sewing theirs and not too far behind. Rob and Kelley disembark and land on Phil's mat. He tells them they are the fourth team to arrive, but they were meant to take the riverboat to Swarighat, and they took theirs directly to the pit stop. They need to complete the course before he can check them in. They ask their boat driver where it is saying he brought them to the wrong place. They get back on the boat.

Josh and Brent are just getting to Swarighat, and Trey and Lexi get dropped off there. The Goat Farmers tell Texas they need to go back to the riverboat and take that to get to Swarighat. They get back in the boat to go there. Josh and Brent are named team number four. Finally they're not team number five.

James2 are hopping on a river boat, ad Gary and Will are finishing up their mattress. They get passed and head to the riverboat. Rob bitches at the driver, telling him he just cost him a million dollars. Trey and Lexi ask if the place the boat takes them is the right place, and finding it is, now ask to be taken back. James2 appreciate seeing kids on the riverbank playing and having a blast.

Rob and Kelley arrive on Phil's mat again, this time to be named team number five. Phil asks if they feel good, and Rob asks what they have. Phil tells him they have heart, and Rob says it must weigh about 300 pounds. James2 arrive to be named team number six and celebrate.

Trey and Lexi arrive again in Swarighat as James and Will arrive. Trey tells them they are at the wrong place and need to go back to catch the boat. Trey and Lexi are named team number seven. Will and Gary talk about it being such a difficult leg and mention again what big fans they are of the show. They feel they let down all other fans of the show.

Will and Gary land on Phil's mat and he declares them the last team to arrive. They are being eliminated from the Race, and they take it really badly. Will says they gave it the best shot they had. Gary would still never trade the experience for anything, saying it was the best experience of his life.

I don't think Will and Gary let us all down. They just showed us fans what we already knew. It's definitely harder than it looks. You need to be in tip-top shape to do it and need to always have the luck play out on your side. They had the luck play out on their side for awhile, but just couldn't seem to compete physically, with the first time it hitting them while blowing up balloons.

This Race is not meant for somewhat fit people. It's meant for VERY fit people who happen to have Lady Luck following them around all the time. James and Abba are in the lead right now, thanks to to the Fast Forward, but they won't stay there long.

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