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The Amazing Race, Oct. 21 – The Physically Demanding Race

James and Abba find it difficult to find the first location, especially in the heat. James is struggling putting the putty on and knows it looks bad, like buckshot, as he says he's normally a guitar player. Jaymes tells him not to get frustrated. Rob gets passed on his work, and Natalie finally passes as well to start sanding.

James has to scrape his off and start over. He's worried he'll punch a hole in the bus in the process. Abbie actually calms him down and just tells him it's going to take time and to relax. Josh is told to fix his, and Will is struggling too, saying the heat sets it up so quickly. He, too, has to start over, as does Trey.

The “Long Hairs” finally find the first business and start picking up the dead rats. They joke they've never had to deal with rats before in the rock business, but then realize they probably recognized a few of them, thinking they even saw a drummer they know.

Nadiya is still going on and on about Natalie being the only girl doing the challenge and starts chanting to her as the others grow really irritated. Ryan compares it to fingernails on a chalkboard with his anxiety level up anyway. He's hoping for a “no talking time out” as Abbie puts a fake gun to her head. He moves on to delivering the seats as Nadiya shouts out everyone is struggling. Rob says he's not. Rob moves on to moving the seats as well, even taking all of them at once.

Abbie and Ryan are the first to finish and get a clue to make their way to the Kawran Bazar Shootkir Market to search the crowds for a shop to pick through a bag of smelly dried fish to find one with race colors to get the next clue. Rob finishes right after this. Natalie is done sanding and starts moving the bus seats. Her sister knows the others are shocked to see a girl do so well at this. She finishes it and gets the next clue.

Josh is allowed to start sanding as is James. Trey is still applying putty, as is Gary. James and Abba get to their second location to pick up rats. Abba ends up kneeling in raw sewage and gets himself hosed down in fear of what it was he kneeled in. Josh's sanding is passed, and he starts moving seats. James' sanding is passed, and Trey finally gets the approval to start standing. Will gets the approval as well, as Gary/Will and James2 get their next clue.

Abbie and Ryan arrive at the market to “dive for fish.” She holds the bag opens while he digs through what he compares to a bunch of dried-up turkeys, making her gag. They find the fish and get a clue, a Detour – Pound the Metal or Pound the Cotton. In Metal, teams will use sledgehammers to beat the iron rod into a sharp tool, then hand puff the bellows of the fire. In cotton, teams must make a mattress by using bamboo rods to beat the cotton into a fine feather-like consistency, then stuff it and sew it together. Abbie knows she can sew a mattress so they decide to do Cotton. Seems like someone following thesleepguide.org here.

Rob/Kelley and the Sisters arrive at the market and start digging through the fish. The Sisters get the Detour clue and decide to do Metal, as do Rob and Kelley. Abbie and Ryan start creating their mattress. She starts the sewing while he sings “One year of Fashion Institute just paid off.” The Sisters figure no one there has ever seen a woman swing a hammer like them. Kelley's holding her own though.

James and Abba get the rats picked up from their third business, picking up a parade of people along the way, making them feel like the pied piper. Abba says it makes them really appreciate it, as it's what this is really all about. After delivering all the rats they get a clue to go to the next pit stop at Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat. Abba is now putting hand sanitizer on his foot.

Trey finally gets done sanding, as Will mentions they're in last place, just like always. Trey is running with the bus seats as Gary starts picking his up. Trey and Lexi finish, knowing they're in crunch time, and Gary and will are right behind them. Gary knows they're the comeback kids. Trey and Lexi now have car trouble in their taxi as the driver is cooling his engine down with a bottle of Sprite.

James and Abba land at the pit stop, and Phil Koeghan pronounces them team number one. As winners of this leg of the Race they have won a trip to the island of Antigua. Abba says they came there to win this, and this is just one step closer to it. They congratulate each other on a job well done.

Abbie and Ryan finish their mattress, but it's rejected because of the amount of stuffing that fell out. They start opening it up just a little bit to stuff that bit back in. The Sisters finish their tool and get the clue to the pit stop, as do Rob and Kelley. They'll need to get to the river first, then take a riverboat, disembark, then make their way on foot to the pit stop.

James2 arrive at the fish search and gag looking for the colored fish. Josh and Brent arrive and start searching, finding it first, with James2 not far behind. Both teams decide to pound cotton. Abbie and Ryan finish restuffing the mattress and are passed. Ryan hugs the guy who passes them and they get the next clue. Josh and Brent work on pounding the cotton together as James2 work on theirs, trying not to make the cotton go flying too much.

The Sisters are chanting again as they are in a cab to the river, and Rob and Kelley search for a cab. Trey and Lexi get on the road again and are right behind Gary and Will. Apparently Sprite works as a fine coolant. They end up passing them and start searching through the fish, finding it right away. They get the clue and decide to Pound the Metal. Gary and Will arrive, get their fish, and Gary says she's weak, so they need to Pound the Cotton.