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The Amazing Race, Oct. 21 – The Physically Demanding Race

Gary and Will have to find a way to get their act together this week. They keep barely squeaking by each week. The only thing that saved them last week was Caitlin and Brittany's unfortunate luck to have a rickshaw driver who didn't know where he was going that was paired with their inability to realize they were in a country with people who didn't speak English. Gary and Will just have to find a way to do it.

The first team to leave Indonesia are Abbie and Ryan at 9:52 PM. Their clue tells them to fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where they will make their way to a repair shop to pick up their next clue. They babble something about either being first place nerds, or telling the other nerds they're in first place. They think it's nice to have a lead, even if it's just a few minutes.

Trey and Lexi are the next to depart, leaving just two minutes later. She says they are absolutely exceeding their expectations. Because they haven't traveled, they went into it blindly, but she thinks they have their feet wet and are due for a first place this leg. She knows they need to stay on their toes and not take anything for granted.

Abbie and Ryan land at a travel agency and and hear about a flight the next morning on Singapore Air leaving at 10 AM. They ask for anything with connections that will get then there more quickly and are told this is probably the best choice. Trey and Lexi arrive and hear the same spiel.

Without the drama of watching the other teams leave, just to see them nab the same flight, all the teams now make it on to the 10 AM flight. Jaymes and James discuss it being anybody's game, and add, “why not ours?”

Gary says the way they came back from the last leg was probably the greatest comeback ever. He thinks they're representing the superfans in this race. Will compares them to the Little Engine That Could. They never figured out who U-Turned them, but figure it was Rob and Kelley, which it was, but they're going to act like they don't know. Rob knows they think it was him and Kelley, but he's going to lie and say he doesn't know what they're talking about. They plan to just stay in front of them to not have to worry about getting U-Turned themselves.

The flight lands in Bangladesh and everyone darts to get cabs. Rob and Kelley go to a taxi stand inside to arrange their transportation, while the others are running out into the busy streets to find theirs. Jumping in a cab, Abbie calls it insane, and Ryan “very third world.” There are no lanes of traffic. It's just vehicles, bicycles, and teams of animals all over the place.

Ryan adds it's all aggressive dudes, and they don't want anything to do with them. Sisters Natalie and Nadyia refer to it as “Third World Grand Theft Auto” minus the bulls. James2 compares it to a symphony of cars. Longhair James calls it the best roller coaster ride he's ever been on. Josh is wondering if his and Brent's goats would get along with the goats here. Trey and Lexi are frustrated when their driver stops to get gas. Will and Gary argue if they're putting up with the luck of the draw or not. Rob and Kelley's driver stops by the landfill, and she jokes it smells really good. Abbie and Ryan refer to the experience as “Funky Monkey.”

Abbie and Ryan get to the repair shop to get their clue first, followed by the Sisters. They find a Roadblock. One person from each team will use body putty to fill in the damage on a city bus, and then sand it ready for painting. They also need to remove three pairs of seats and deliver them to the refurbishing area.

Trey is saying he'll do this one, as does Natalie. There is a Fast Forward on this leg as well, but but both teams decide they don't need it. James2 arrive, and James will be doing the Roadblock. Nadiya knows it's more of a boys' challenge, so she thinks she and her sister have to pick up the pace on this one. Trey explains he has to start with putty, adding color, and and then mix it. Nadiya tells her sister they're the only “brownies” there and have to win.

Rob and Kelley arrive with Rob deciding he'll do it, knowing it's something he can handle. Kelley adds they do all their own repairs on their monster trucks, so he knows this is something he can handle. James finally gets the can of putty open. James and Abba arrive and decide they'll do this Fast Forward. They will have to become rat-catching assistants, filling a big bag with dead rats from three separate locations. Blech.

Josh and Brent arrive, and Josh decides he'll repair the bus. Ryan is complaining it's hard for him to concentrate with the Sri Lanka girls there. Abbie actually does a fairly good impression of them. Nadiya is yelling that Natalie is the only girl there. Trey and Lexi arrive with Trey deciding he'll do it, and Gary and Will arrive in last place yet again, and decide Gary will do it.

James and Abba arrive at the Fast Forward. As they embark, not too pleased with the task, James remarks, “Rats!” Ryan finishes the first part of the Roadblock, but can't read the next part of his clue after getting putty all over it. He offers to help James do his sanding if he'll share their clue with them. He agrees. Natalie is told hers isn't smooth enough before she can start sanding. Lexi tells Trey to observe the way Rob is doing it, and Will glances that direction as well.