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Some Questions Answered – The Bachelorette 3, The Men Tell All

This is a rather uneventful episode of The Bachelorette, so much so that it isn’t actually considered an episode. But I’ll briefly recap what happened so that some questions that have been flying around can finally be laid to rest.

First, Stu the Stalker was asked some questions. Remember him? He claimed that he isn’t really a stalker, that he just wanted to know as much about Jen as he could. It sure didn’t sound like that. He wasn’t very convincing.

Next Ryan spoke a little. He said that he didn’t appreciate some of the things that Jen had said about his family. His parents are both pretty upset. He said that he understands that Jen was uncomfortable, but she could have tried a little harder and used a bit more class. You go, Ryan. But your parents are strange.

Fabrice answered the question that we all were wondering: he’s not gay. Stu said that while rooming together, Fabrice peeked into the shower a couple of times while Stu was in there. Fabrice denies this. He’s still an ass.

Jen couldn’t be there, but she sent a tape. On it, she said to Stu that she’s received all of his email, calls, etc., and she isn’t freaked out by him. To Ryan, she’s sorry, it wasn’t her intention to hurt him or his family. To Fabrice, she doesn’t want to marry you, either. Ha!

Andrew Firestone stopped by. He was a good sport about all of the jabs that were made at him behind his back. He still cares about Jen as a friend, but he’s not still in love with her, and he’s not chasing after her.

Tune in next week for the two hour season finale. Both John Paul and Jerry propose to Jen, and she doesn’t answer until After the Final Rose, on live television. See you then!


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