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Survivor: Philippines – Episode 5 – So Long, Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Good Night.

Treemail Top 10
• Malcolm and Denise and their cool “Gimme some fingers” greeting…the kicker which made me realize I was rooting for these two now.
Reward – They are paired up into one-on-one battles where the object was to knock an idol from a tray carried by your opponent. The object is to make your opponent’s idol hit the ground first. The matchups – Kent/Malcolm, Artis/Dana, Blair/Katie, Penner/Skupin, RC/Denise, Carter/PBP, Dawson/Abinormal, and Kent/Malcolm again. Things I noticed – Kent has this smile on his face as he battled. Kind of mocking smirk. He won the first battle, but lost the key one. Artis goes all slap happy on the dying Dana. Katie does a reach in win. Skupin makes a brilliant move to throw his own up in the air and lunge at Penner to knock his off. Denise does a crafty lunge for the win. Carter is rather pathetic in his loss. Dawson tears at Abinormal’s hair but still fails.
• The reward included cookies. I felt bad for Chesty McVoteOff that she missed it.
• Malcolm getting high pitched and silly on the sugar high? Very endearing. This is a man with his “swag back.”
• RC is not worried too much, she has ti-yiii-yiii-me on her side. Yes it is.
• Jonathan, you know I love you, man. But. Please stop flapping the flabby flab.
• So, Probst is in the business of giving up his jackets now? Wait until Ebay hears about this.
• Katie is “literally at a loss of words.” Which is odd, because she is, you know, literally speaking.
Elimination – Huge obstacle course. Climb a hill. Which is surprisingly hard for Katie. Climb a net. Again, hard for Katie. Untie a lot of ropes to lower a drawbridge. The highlight here was that one of the Kalabaw men (I think Carter) had his hand so firmly on Denise’s butt while holding her up, it started to make me somewhat uncomfortable. Then they cut through a log/rope – Malcolm rocked it, Kent had to bail and Penner finished. No one on the tribe mentioned how the seconds it took for Kent to tag out could also have been the difference between winning and losing. Then solve the puzzle. This one challenge could wind up deciding the whole season.
Tribal – Boring. Except for the smooch. However, the post vote-out words from Dawson were fun. She now expects prizes from Kent for keeping his secret. A motorcycle and a pink gun. That T-Mobile girl has gone hard core! Also, funny to bring up a motorcycle with Jeff Kent.

Votes – Dawson 5 (Penner, Kent, Denise, Katie, Carter), Denise 1 (Dawson)

Next week – A giant muddy ball. And Artis finally speaks and gets fired up.

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