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The Amazing Race, Oct. 14 – So Hot, Could Fry an Egg on My Head

The sisters, Caitlin/Brittany, Gary/Will, and Rob/Kelley finally board the train. Caitlin says they're realizing that these are the teams they'll be competing against for the end. They believe they are smart and physically tough, so they think they can beat them.

Abbie and Ryan are the first at the Double U-Turn. They decide to not do it. Instead they are told to make their way to the next pit stop, SMA Negeri 1 Bangil School. James2 and Trey/Lexi arrive and all decide to not U-Turn. James and Abba arrive and decide the same. James and Abba arrive at the wrong school.

The first team to the pit stop are Abbie and Ryan. They have won a trip for two to FIji. Trey and Lexi arrive on the mat to be named team number two. Lexi says from day one they knew Abbie and Ryan would be their strongest competitors. In the long run, she knows they're the only who can go for $2 million, so if they get a chance to U-Turn someone again, it will be Abbie and Ryan.

Josh and Brent get their cooked eggs, but have to eat them doused in hot sauce. They're farmers and know fresh eggs, and say they were laid this morning. They finish and make their way to the Double U-Turn.

James2 run into the pit stop while James and Abba are standing around looking for it. James2 are named team number three, as Abba and James run in finally to be named team number four. Abba is wearing a shirt that says, “Be Dipherent. Hi Fil.” He says they don't need the validation of a group and don't think running in a pack is necessarily a good thing.

Josh and Brent decide not to U-Turn anybody as the second train is arriving. The U-Turn is definitely on everyone's minds. Josh and Brent run into the pit stop to be named team number five, where they've been the entire Race.

The teams on the train get their clues and take off for the Detour. Everyone hops on the rickshaws right away. Gary and Will are running behind as they were on a car that was further back. They don't even see any other teams. They know they have to figure something out to get out of always being at the back of the pack. Brittany gets pissed when she tries to pay their driver and wants change. He just wants to take the money.

The sisters, Rob/Kelley, and Caitlin/Brittany start the parade with the Lion's Heads, and Will and Gary start dong it as well. The sisters finish quickly and get the next clue, followed by Rob and Kelley. Caitlin and Brittany and Gary and Will are still walking the route.

The sisters arrive at the U-Turn and don't use it. Nadiya stops to admire one of the guys' pictures. Rob and Kelley arrive next and know Gary and Will are behind them, so they U-Turn them just in case they have a hard time finding Phil. Caitlin and Brittany finish the parade just before Gary and Will.

The sisters run onto Phil's mat to be named team number six. they're happy with their performance and laugh about being unpredictable. Tomorrow they promise to go for number one again. Rob and Kelley run onto the mat to be named team number seven.

The last two teams are searching for the Double U-Turn. Caitlin and Brittany struggle riding the rickshaw. Will and Gary get to the U-Turn first and find they were U-Turned. They aren't sure who's behind them, so they're going to U-Turn Rob and Kelley. Too late for that. They turn around and go back to the market to get the eggs. Caitlin and Brittany still aren't sure if they're headed in the right direction.

The sisters end up at the park with the guys as they're getting ready to cook their eggs on their heads, but they're looking for the U-Turn mat. This is unbelievable. They get back into the rickshaw to go search. The guys are already eating their eggs. They finish and take off for the U-Turn again.

The girls find the U-Turn first and decide to U-Turn nobody. Well, the only team they could U-Turn was already U-Turned. The driver still doesn't know where he's going, and they're actually mad because he doesn't speak English. Sigh. Gary and Will take off to go see Phil, hoping to not hear him say they're eliminated or see his eyebrow. They're in front of the girls. Will pays off the driver to go as fast as he can. They take different directions.

It's Gary and Will who find Phil first … unbelievably. They hear they are team number eight and know fate is on their side today. They promise they will never give up. Caitlin and Brittany arrive on the mat and are told they are eliminated. He asks what happened, and Catilin explains the driver was a hot mess. What makes it harder to leave is that they feel they are a stronger team than Will and Gary.

I'd like to say yet another team brought down by public transportation, but I can't. Caitlin and Brittany were complaining the driver didn't know English. Had they realized they were in Indonesia and not the U.S., and not expected the driver to be able to read the English clue they were holding, things might have turned out differently for them.

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