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The Amazing Race, Oct. 14 – So Hot, Could Fry an Egg on My Head

Gary and Will are the last to depart at 7:32 AM. Will says they race with all their hearts and love the race. They tried for so long and so many years to get on the show that they should know it more than anyone else. Gary thinks they're now becoming the team that has everyone else wondering what they're doing there. When you do it for real, it's so much harder, and a situation like this makes you so lost. They plan to keep pushing and not be eliminated.

Apparently it's Nadiya who is Dummy.” Natalie screams a code word for relax to her, and it helps her out and allows her to deliver all twenty plates, as she's thinking of deep yoga breathing. They get the clue and take off.

Rob and Kelley arrive at the restaurant with him volunteering. Brittany finishes her plates, and the two blondes take off. Rob manages all twenty plates easily, and they have caught up in time a little.

Gary and Will arrive at the restaurant, still in last place, and Gary decides he will do this one. Good idea after watching Will not be able to blow up balloon animals. James and Abba get to the tran station and get that early train, while the sisters show up just after while the others are boarding the train. They make a run for it, but miss it.

On the train, Ryan asks a local how quickly trains depart. He finds out the next one will leave at 10:55 AM. They are all shocked, but seem to be enjoying it. Perhaps the sisters will be using their Express Pass sooner than they thought. They ask for the next train and aren't happy with the 10:50 time.

James and Abba are on that first train along with James2, Josh and Brent, Abbie and Ryan, and Trey and Lexi. They all start discussing the U-Turn, and Jaymes asks for an agreement with all of these teams that they don't U-Turn each other. The problem is James and Abba are in the back of the train and don't get in on this discussion.

Caitlin and Brittany arrive at the train station and ask a local to ask the ticket counter if they have seen “people like us” earlier this morning. Well, duh. Obviously you're not the first ones there for one. And are the only Americans in Indonesia with The Amazing Race? He tells them people like them were there at 7:30. Also arriving are Rob and Kelley. The sisters tell them that the others all left on that 7:30 train. Will finally finishes delivering his twenty plates. He and Gary take off for the train station.

Snacks are brought around the train, and James2 look for a clue in the snacks. The second person with snacks does have the clue. James2 finds it, as the other teams see it as well. The clue tells them a Detour is ahead – Egghead or Lion's head.

In Egghead, teams will pick up four eggs from a vendor and make their way to a park. A local magician will then place coconuts on their heads and light them on fire. They then need to eat the cooked eggs. In Lion's Head, teams will make their way to a park to dress in costume and wear a 40-pound mask. They'll need to parade down the street and perform a series of steps to get the next clue. Most of the teams choose Lion's Head, but Josh and Brent choose to do Egg Head.

Will and Gary arrive at the train station, and Will finds money on the ground and picks it up. They also find the other teams and believe God is smiling on them today. While the others were upset, they're happy.

The other teams' train arrives and they cram into rickshaws. And I mean cram. James2 promises that these things aren't made for two guys who are 6'4″. Jaymes thinks it looks like they're on their honeymoon. Josh and Brent are fitting a little easier and searching for the market to get their eggs.

The other teams arrive at the Lions Head Detour, and Jaymes is already dancing before he even gets the costume on. Well, I guess he's used to that. Ryan hears a whip and hopes they won't be getting hit with it. James says the hard part is that the huge headdress has to be held on by holding it in your mouth.

Abbie helps guide Ryan through the moves, and Jaymes starts to wonder how many other guys had their mouths on the mask before him, saying it must be the equivalent to him making out with 947 Indonesian people today alone. He's just tasting years of Indonesian culture, and doesn't find it to be pleasant.

Josh and Brent get to the market and pick out their eggs. The others are fighting their way through with the heavy Lion's Heads. Abbie and Ryan finish first and get a clue telling them to make their way to Perliman Pos. I. James2 arrive with their masks and doing stripper moves and get the next clue. Lexi and Trey, as well as James and Abba, finish and get the next clue as well.

Josh and Brent get to the park and call it chaotic. They get the coconuts on top of their heads, and they're lit on fire as a frying pan is placed over them to cook the eggs.