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The Amazing Race, Oct. 14 – So Hot, Could Fry an Egg on My Head

It was kind of a surprise to see Amy and Daniel eliminated last week on The Amazing Race. And for it to come because of a bad taxi driver is always hard to see. They were supposed to be major contenders and were doing so well. It's just a part of the Race, though, and what they need to expect.

The first team to leave Indonesia tonight are the sisters, Natalie and Nadiya, at 6:07 AM. Their clue tells them to make their way to Antika Jaya Padang Restaurant to pick up their next clue. They are also warned of a Double U-Turn ahead. If I were racing, I'd be very worried every time I saw “restaurant.” Last time they had to eat Fallopian Tubes. The sisters are very excited to be leaving first and that they have the Express Pass. They only plan to use it to get first place or avoid elimination. They ask locals for directions to the restaurant.

Trey and Lexi are the next to depart at 6:12 AM. They are continuing their alliance with the sisters, even though they know they see them as “the biggest hillbillies.” Lexi thinks in the long run that it will pay off for them. One of the sisters suggests they go to the restaurant with “the stupid Chippendales instead of just ordering from foodora.”

Jaymes and James just happen to be next, leaving four minutes later. They say they live in Vegas, but don't want anyone to let that fool them, as they're really a Virginia boy and Maine boy. They guarantee they're good people. They catch up to the other two teams and search together for the restaurant. James thinks it's good to align with other teams, especially in the beginning, as it keeps you from being eliminated too early.

Abbie and Ryan leave at 6:19 AM. He says it's hard to race as a couple, as sometimes they are competitive with each other. It's just their nature because of her dance and his jujitsu. The pressure is increased even more for them because of the $2 million on the line for them after winning the first leg. He squeezes her head, and she does a really weird “heeheehee” thing. They meet up with the other teams as they all search together. Trey and Lexi are the first to find out where it is and the others follow suit.

The next team to leave at 6:26 AM are Josh and Brent. Josh thinks the teams are starting to divide into two groups, the alphas and the others. The alphas are all really focused on winning, and the others are just focused on doing their best, knowing they'll win if they do their best. More often than not it's great people who end up winning, and they believe they are great people.

James and Abba leave at 6:34 AM. Ababa says they are just doing their own thing and being different. If anyone thought they were just long-haired guys who aren't smart and are slow and out of shape, once they got a chance to run, they got a chance to see something different, and it might have surprised everybody.

Trey and Lexi are the first to find the restaurant and it's a Roadblock. Uh-oh. One person from each team will have to serve up twenty plates of food all at once Padang style. They must carry all plates in their arms, and if anything drops, they have to start over. Lexi does the Roadblock and oddly decides to try it with her backpack still on.

The other teams start to arrive at the restaurant, with Brent, Ryan, and Jaymes opting to do the Roadblock. Lexi is complaining that it's pinching her thumbs. The sisters haven't made it there yet and seem to have caught the bad cab driver curse. They get out of the cab and try to find another to start over.

Caitlin and Brittany leave at 7:08 AM and say they have never been a part of something as big as the Race. Caitlin says they're going to have emotions come out that they've never had before, but you'll see her get really angry before you see her cry. Brittany says she can get punched in the face and still not cry. “There's no crying in baseball.”

Jaymes and Lexi are struggling with the dishes. Lexi finally gets an armload, and just when she starts to deliver them, they all fall. Ryan gets his dishes to the table, and Jaymes says his first job was working at a pancake house, and when he got to Vegas, he was serving drinks, so he knows how to do this. He gets to the table promising he's not going to spill it. Ryan gets his delivered, as Lexi gives it another stab, and Brent drops his dishes. Jaymes gets his delivered as well.

James2 and Abbie and Ryan get their next clue telling them to make their way to Surabaya Gubeng Train Station where they'll take the train to another town. While on the train they need to keep their eyes open for the next clue.

James and Abba land at the restaurant with Abba agreeing to do the Roadblock. Lexi gets her dishes delivered finally, as does Brent. Both of these teams take off for the train station. Abba gets his plates delivered and they take off as well.

The sisters arrive finally at the pit stop with one of them doing the challenge. I'm not sure which one, but it's the one who was told “Get the clue, Dummy!” by the other one. So Dummy is doing this challenge, I guess.

Rob and Kelley are finally leaving the pit stop at 7:22 AM. The other teams are starting to arrive at the train station, and those who are arriving early are getting tickets on the 7:36 AM train. Looks like many teams will forced to take later trains.

Caitlin and Brittany arrive at the restaurant, and Brittany offers to do the Roadblock. Dummy is attempting to deliver her twenty plates and drops a plate, having to start over.